Virtual work environments are now ‘business as usual’ for many organisations. But they are not without their challenges around communications and collaboration.

Here’s how you can use Cisco Webex to operate securely and effectively in virtual work environment.

Collaborating in virtual work environments

Collaboration is something of an abstract concept: it needs telecommunication, video conferencing, chat and file storage to put that concept into practice.

Cisco Webex is the ideal collaboration platform, since it offers these tools and includes important add-ons. Not only does it take care of video conferencing, for example, but it will also allow you to record the meeting, automatically produce a transcript and store files.

Cisco Webex also comes with HD VoIP, transmitting your phone calls via a secure connection known as Webex Calling.

This is the cloud calling…

Webex Calling has all the capabilities of a physical PBX, but these are supplied by virtual machines hosted in the cloud. There’s a virtual receptionist and personalised voice mailboxes, and your phone directory is also stored in the cloud.

Because Cisco is one of the world’s leading information technology system providers, you can relax knowing your calls are secure and protected by the top cyber security controls. But that doesn’t mean using Webex Calling is complicated. The Webex Control Hub has a simple interface for IT and a self-care portal so users can handle basic settings and preferences.

Virtual Work Environments: Secure, Streamlined Operations / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Webex Contact Center

The Webex Contact Center delivers more effective business operations through data-driven artificial intelligence capabilities. There’s call routing for when you’re out of the office, overflow queues based on skill set and group cascading, and unified chat, email and voice to break down data silos.

In addition, email response templates and routing based on subject lines and AI-driven chat bots mean you’re engaging with customers even when you’re not present.

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Virtual Work Environments: Secure, Streamlined Operations / Azentro / Voice Vision Data