Schools have communication needs

Schools are busy places year-round. Whether it is the end of a school year or the start of a new one, there is always plenty to do with staff, parents, the students and the community at large wanting and expecting clear communication streams.

IP phone systems to the rescue

It is important for schools to know how IP phone systems can help with these multi-dimensional needs and challenges, and how an IP phone system can take the angst out of all your communications needs while also being cost-effective.

What it can do

So when we talk about an IP phone system, what does this mean exactly? Many educational institutions, whether public or private, are well aware communications in the real world has changed, and they want to be at the frontline of that change too.

Schools want voice, video and cloud collaboration over a single high-speed network to provide fast and efficient communication for all concerned – whether that be staff, students, members of the public or parents.

An IP phone system can also offer features such as remote backups and built-in redundancy to ensure your phone system won’t go down.

Handle the load

An IP phone system can take the communications load of any school and simplify it. When there are peak times during the day, for example, the reception area will be frantic with teachers, parents and students.

It is not usual for everyone to descend at once and in the middle of all this, the phone rings. It is therefore important that the call is picked up and answered in a timely manner.

An IP phone system:

  • Will offer improved messaging solutions to give staff a convenient and non-disruptive way for parents to communicate with teachers.
  • Can have a single push-button option for teachers to quickly contact security staff if needed.
  • Will offer multiple answering points to take the call, so that anyone can answer the call when they are free. Other features could include auto attendant, call routing, and interactive voice recognition to reduce the work of admin staff.
  • Can offer seamless integration and end-to-end solutions that help improve communications. This could include software to send automated voice messages to students’ homes about sudden closures, safety hazards or absences.
  • Can offer intercom support for school leaders and other authorised staff.
  • Will provide the option to receive calls forwarded from a landline on a mobile device if school staff are moving between multiple classrooms, buildings or venues.

Communications in schools is important for student safety, staff information, parental reassurance and administrative management. Find out more about how IP phone systems can make life easier for your school. Speak with an Education communications specialist here.