Schools & VoIP: benefits

Many schools in Australia are turning to Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems to provide all their communication needs and one of their key criteria is the cost efficiencies of Voice over IP.

Schools are becoming increasingly aware that Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems are affordable, easy to install, offer a wide range of features that schools find useful and they provide a strong return on their investment.

Upkeep costs gone

This IT infrastructure involves incorporating IP voice, video and collaboration solutions. With a more streamlined VoIP system in place, you will minimise the upkeep costs on ageing and disparate equipment.

A VoIP-based phone system will help you to reduce your cabling infrastructure resulting in up to a 45 per cent capital cost savings in the case of a new construction.

Less costly infrastructure

There was a time when schools often had separate cabling for IT and telephones, this was an expensive infrastructure, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. VoIP phone systems do not require phone lines to be installed. If your school has wireless internet everywhere, every network port can be used for a phone.

VoIP & scalability

VoIP phone systems are scalable, so schools can easily add extensions to their plans to accommodate classrooms and there is no more paying for phone lines that are there in case they’re needed.

With VoIP phone systems, you pay for the number of extensions you need and adding or subtracting them can be done quickly through a web interface.

Great mobility

VoIP phone systems in education facilities demonstrate that mobility is a great feature. Faculty and staff may spend significant time walking between classrooms, offices, and other buildings, and with old phone systems, tracking people down was a chore.

Easy transfer

VoIP phone systems can transfer calls directly to a school staff member’s mobile phone, making missed calls less frequent. And great features like voicemail-to-email transcription let school staff read voicemail transcripts whenever and wherever.

IP paging

Many VoIP phone systems also offer IP paging as a flexible and affordable alternative. With IP paging, each classroom has a phone, but when someone pages a teacher in a classroom using IP paging, the phone automatically goes to speakerphone rather than ringing, so messages get to the right person.

There are many more benefits of VoIP phone systems for your school.  Speak with one of our technical specialists to find out how your phone system can enhance your school administrative and safety processes.