A hosted business phone system puts professional communications formerly available to big companies in the hands of every business. It does this by using the internet to host telephony tasks such as messages, call forwarding and transferring.

Let’s look at how hosted phone systems work, plus their benefits to your business’s customer relationships.

How hosted business phone systems work

Hosted phone systems, also referred to as virtual phone systems, give you a telephone service over the internet without the need to install PBX hardware.

A physical PBX or Private Branch Exchange ‘switchboard’ was the backbone of business phone systems until the late 1990s, when better internet connectivity enabled digital alternatives.

Hosted phone systems have traditional PBX functions such as call transfer, blocking, messaging and automatic dialling. However, the only hardware need is a handset connected to a server, because the internet is used to connect calls and computers to direct them.

Hosted phone systems (sometimes known as IP PBX) use a data transmission procedure called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to turn the phone voice signal into data packets for transmission over the net.

Boost Customer Relations with a Hosted Business Phone System / Azentro Voice Vision Data

Benefits of a hosted business phone system

In a hosted business phone system, all the switching, line connections, call waiting and transferring functions is hosted in the cloud – cloud based software performs all the functions of the PBX hardware and keeps track of your usage with online logs.

Benefits to customers include quicker connectivity and better quality service. Using a hosted business phone system means a staff member using their mobile outside the office can place a caller on hold then transfer them to an office extension. It’s no longer necessary to ask an impatient client to ‘hang up and call the office’.

With a hosted VoIP phone system, the customer’s call is always answered, even when no one is free to take the call. The system responds to the client, records any message, then lets you know the client has called. Hosted calls are transmitted as data over the internet and this data can be stored, analysed and used to make business decisions.

You can find out when you are getting the most calls, their source, and whether they are being answered or going to voice mail. This helps businesses decide where resources need to be allocated to improve service response times, which are essential to better customer relationships.

Want to know more? Contact Azentro to find out how to improve your customer relationships with a hosted business phone system.

Boost Customer Relations with a Hosted Business Phone System / Azentro Voice Vision Data