Are your Voice and Data Maintenance needs keeping you up at night?

Get it sorted with a Managed Service Agreement

If you could wave a magic wand over the upkeep of your communications systems, we’re guessing that the first thing you’d do is make your mission-critical hardware invulnerable to the elements and give it the ability to magically upgrade itself every couple of years.

Think of it: you’d never have to worry about losing out on missed opportunities or loss of production again. You’ll be at the forefront of the technological curve, finding exciting and innovative ways to take efficiency to a new level.

Obviously, we’re using the “magic wand” as an analogy for what a well written Maintenance Services Agreement (MSA) can bring to the table.

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) wants what’s best for your business

When you’re dealing with Service Providers that operate on a break-fix model, they only make their money when your telephone system comes crashing down. They love storm season, but you don’t, can you see a conflict of interest here?

It’s an MSP’s job to make sure that your system stays intact and to consult with you new ways to increase productivity and cut costs with technological advice and recommendations.

While they can’t quite make your comms invulnerable to the element’s, they’ll learn all of the little intricacies of your particular model in advance and get it back up to speed as quickly as humanly possible.

A MSP takes all of the risks off of your shoulders

When it comes to your mission-critical communications equipment, you don’t want to be taking any unnecessary risks. If you’re handling the maintenance of your Voice & Data on a break-fix model that’s exactly what you’re doing. When you call a technician out, you’re at the mercy of their estimate and if they so much as smell your desperation for your problem to be rectified, they’ll double it because they know what it’s worth to you.

You can avoid the unnecessary headache of all that by having and MSP as your partner, for a fixed monthly fee, they’ll keep your systems up no matter how long it takes.

If voice is mission-critical to your business, you need an Azentro Service Support Agreement. Talk to us now about your requirements and expectations on 1800 888 555.