Unified Communications

With one phone number for multiple devices, and one mailbox for voice, video and text messages, a unified communications solution enables faster response and reduces delay of email exchanges.

Unified Communications and Collaboration is the integration of various real-time communications platforms, such as instant messaging, voice, mobility features, audio/web/video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence, desktop sharing, call control, and much more.

In today’s workforce, businesses are often decentralised, with teams unable to meet in-person. UC&C technology provides a consistent end-user experience, allowing all team members to utilise applications, access current information, and collaborate in real time, regardless of physical location.

How can Azentro and Unified Communications & Collaboration benefit your organisation?

Every business and organisation needs an effective communication system. Having an up-to-date and innovative UC&C implementation can significantly increase your organisation’s productivity. Azentro is a proud partner of Cisco and Mitel, and specialises in implementing UC&C solutions. We’ll help you keep in step with the constantly changing communication market, and tailor your UC&C system to encompass emerging technologies and protect your communication investment for years to come. Contact us for more information.

  • Video Conferencing,
  • Online Meetings,
  • Instant Messaging,
  • IP Telephony,
  • Data Sharing,
  • Voicemail,
  • Email and SMS using a laptop, tablet
  • Desktop or smart phone.


  • Create, moderate, and join pre-planned and on-the-fly audio, video, and web meetings with people inside and outside your organisation.
  • Enhance online presentations with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboards and let customers participate in your Skype for Business conference calls.

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Mitel Unified Communication Solutions

Mitel is a UC&C solution that provides the tools and capabilities to allow your business to access the information and resources that can help make the fastest possible decisions and transactions. All UC&C tools are tightly integrated and interconnected so that the access is streamlined and efficient, which increases your staff productivity. Thanks to the flexibility and integration, users can communicate in whichever method best suits their needs or situation.

Mitel offers industry-leading UC&C solutions for all businesses: large, medium or small. A Mitel voice solution can be scaled with its full, feature-rich UC&C solutions as your organisation grows, without the need to ever ‘rip and replace’ your existing investment. Mitel provides an architecture that gives you a seamless management and user experience, whilst also providing the freedom of choice between installing as an appliance based on-premise hardware solution, or as a fully virtualised deployment on either your own or a Cloud-based host server.

If you prefer, Azentro can provide your organisation a fully hosted Mitel ‘Unified Communications as a Service’ (UCaaS). This monthly PAYG option lets your business concentrate on what you do best, allowing Mitel UCaaS to take care of your communications needs. With no long-term commitments or up-front capital expenditure, your communications requirements can dynamically scale with your business, giving you peace of mind that you only pay for what you use. Contact us for more information.

Cisco Unified Communication Solutions

UC&C solutions from Cisco deliver integrated voice, video, mobility and presence services across multiple end-points, devices, and applications. Solutions are integrated, interconnected and flexible, allowing users to communicate in ways that suit their individual needs.

Purpose-built Cisco UC&C solutions provide many features normally found in large enterprise, even for smaller businesses. They allow businesses to simplify voice and video communication, enable workforce mobility, build productivity, and improve collaboration. Cisco UC&C solutions are scalable to up to 80,000 users, without needing to replace existing hardware.

Cisco UC&C solutions feature interoperability and standards-based SIP, which allows different organisations to communicate easily and seamlessly, irrespective of different hardware vendors.

Cisco’s products and services can create more secure collaboration with co-workers, partners and customers across any workspace and are suitable for businesses and companies of all sizes. Organisations can choose between a fully virtualised appliance, either based on premise or on a dedicated Cloud platform. Alternatively, organisations can opt for a PAYG Cloud-based solution, with a monthly subscription per user, which does not require any on-premise infrastructure.

Azentro is a Cisco Premier Partner and  is certified in Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialisation, meaning we have the proven skills and experience to assist you in your Cisco UC&C solution needs. Contact us for more information.

Talk to us today about how your business can benefit from collaboration:

  • Access your data in the office via secure links while you are on the road (VPN)
  • Functions like Click-to-Call, hold, resume, transfer and conferencing help you find the best way to contact your staff and clients
  • Enable information sharing and direct interaction through online meetings
  • Increase multi-site integration
  • Extend desktop capabilities to corporate mobile devices, supporting more intelligent, direct and productive interactions
  • Switching quickly between voice calls, voicemail and instant messaging can help mobile staff do more in the day
  • Overcome the problems of managing different communication systems across dispersed sites
  • Save on communications costs by allowing your phone to move seamlessly from the office IPBX environment to a GSM, Wi-Fi or 3G network.