Bandwidth & end-to-end capabilities

How would you rate your current digital network: is it all you want it to be in relation to its bandwidth and end-to-end capabilities? Looking more closely at your business’s digital future – is your IP network up to scratch?

Feel confident about your choice

If you feel that you ought to reconsider your current IP network, it can be a minefield trying to work out what is best for your business; what to look for and can you feel confident about your choice?

What Telstra Next IP offers

Telstra’s Next IP network is the largest fully integrated national wireless and wireline IP network in Australia. Integrated with the Telstra Mobile Network, businesses will be able to reach 99 per cent of the Australian population, the largest geographic coverage of any network.

With Next IP, businesses will have access to Telstra’s 4G/LTE mobile network, vast fibre network and access via the NBN.

As businesses and customers alike rely so much on the internet nowadays, how we interact with businesses is fast-changing. Here are a few recent stats which confirm this.

  • Telstra’s fixed/wired IP traffic is growing rapidly. In 2015, it grew by 39 per cent
  • At least a third of business leaders in Australia expect at least 15 per cent of their company growth to be driven by digital initiatives
  • Access to data anytime and anywhere due to our flexible workforce is a high priority when considering data network requirements
  • Close to 90 per cent of applications will be delivered from the cloud this year.

Full visibility

The Telstra Next IP network aims to give businesses full visibility within your network, and tools to optimise and prioritise as you see fit. Such as:

  • Bandwidth on demand
  • A network as a service
  • Modifiable configuration
  • Virtual routers, firewalls and other services
  • Service delivered in minutes.

Thanks to the above, you can manage the network and better orchestrate the use of resources to support your future business needs. That means you will be able to put resources where they are needed most and boost your network application performance.

Six reasons it’s up to scratch

Finally, here are six reasons we believe Telstra’s Next IP is up to scratch. They are:

  • It offers superior coverage with global reach
  • It is one network to do it all
  • It is a network providing peace of mind in relation to reliability and security
  • It shows innovation and technical leadership
  • It demonstrates intelligence and visibility
  • It has the right people and expertise.

Find out more about the benefits of Telstra’s Next IP for your business. Speak with one of our ICT consultants today.