Connectivity at its best

Collaboration from a communications perspective means working together harmoniously through technology, regardless of location.

This technology exists to help your staff remain connected anywhere, any time so they can work smarter, faster and more productively via voice, video, chat and instant messaging as a group.

Helping you bring your team, projects & business together regardless of your company size. It also works across all industries from government, education, corporate sectors, retail, etc.

Expertise into action

It is not merely about offering better communication methods, that’s a given, but effectively helping employees to work better, with greater speed and efficiency, especially when it comes to decision-making via group brainstorming, open discussion and engaging mixed-skills teams.

It makes your teams’ lives easier, your project goals more success-oriented and your business more competitive.

Workplace Collaboration Technology - bring your team, projects & business together / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Office or remotely

Workplace collaborative technology encompasses unified communications via the cloud.

This enables your team to use integrated tools from either the office, on the road or remotely allowing for real-time individual or group collaboration, using audio/video conferencing or desktop sharing on IOS, Android and Web.

One of its great strengths is none of your team has to restrict their communication options to a conference room, meaning that your crew can readily reach out to clients and partners in a variety of ways.

Better outcomes

The beauty of workplace collaborative technology is you spend less time trying to get in touch or connect and more time getting the task or project done, thanks to effective communication across all devices – from desktop to mobiles.

It creates consistent collaborative workspaces, bringing business together. You can do anything, from joining a meeting to knowing precisely what tasks need your immediate attention, potentially leading to greater client or customer satisfaction.

Get anything done

Other features include: file sharing, a personal dash board for simple tracking, archive data by person, project or subject; conversations mirrored across all devices in real-time.

Single application

If you want your workplace and business to be able to readily communicate and collaborate across blended environments thanks to a single application for voice, video, data, audio conferencing, messaging, presence and team collaboration so that they can readily share their knowledge and ideas, then there are a range of options that could suit you.

To find out more about workplace collaborative technology for your business, speak with one of our ICT consultants here.

Workplace Collaboration Technology - bring your team, projects & business together / Azentro / Voice Vision Data