Collaboration tools are the lifeblood of the modern business. With flexible work on the rise and an increasingly globalised workforce, you need the right tools to turn siloed departments into highly efficient and productive teams.

Here’s why.

Where inefficiencies can arise

When it comes to communications, we tend to get bogged down in what we know. In a work environment, this is a quick way to create roadblocks and inefficiencies.

Think about the time-consuming nature of having an in-person brainstorming session in the office. There will likely be a set period of time allocated for the meeting, which may be too long or too short. Then, staff have to pause their daily duties just to attend the meeting, and in many cases their presence is not needed. Finally, when the meeting is over, there may be lingering parties that end up wasting company time – not to mention the mental disruption when they return to their desks and try to get back to what they were doing before the session.

Using Collaboration Tools for Productivity and Efficiency / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

There is too much reliance on traditional collaboration methods for what is an increasingly decentralised workforce. Whether it’s remote work, business meetings or departments separated by geographic boundaries, teams are no longer as free to meet in person as they once were. That means collaboration is hampered, and time is wasted trying to use siloed communication tools.

Collaboration tools to work smarter – together

The solution? Unified communications and collaboration tools. This strategy combines various real-time communication platforms for a more streamlined collaboration experience. That means one phone number for multiple devices, or one mailbox for voice, video and text. It’s all about integrating instant messaging, videoconferencing, desktop sharing, fixed-mobile convergence and so much more for an efficient, productive workplace.

It’s time to modernise communications and reap all the benefits of a truly collaborative work environment. Ready to give your team the tools to become more productive and efficient? Contact us for collaboration tools matched to your specific needs.

Using Collaboration Tools for Productivity and Efficiency / Azentro / Voice Vision Data