Digital expectations

It may be a hypothetical question but it’s one every business in Australia ought to have an answer for: living in the digital world, what is your team expecting in 2020 when it comes to business communication and next-gen apps?

BYOD the norm

It would be not unreasonable to imagine that your team would be used to having a lot of their communication needs met on their mobile which is now referred to as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and many would not be expecting to work at in office 365 days a year.

Communication on the move

Being out of the office, working remotely and being on the move while communicating and collaborating with customers, clients, suppliers, management and co-workers is what would seem natural to many of today’s workers.

Transform your business communication with next-gen apps / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Focus on this

So what are the essential capabilities you need to transform your business communication with next-gen apps? A review of your current communication capabilities is a good place to start. Are you in the market for an upgrade, revamp or completely new business communication phone system?

What functionality do you need to provide? Is it making sure calls aren’t missed, increasing security measures at your site, having information available at your fingertips for people who are not deskbound, sending jobs out to people on the road, sending an invoice from the car? There is now so much you can do through technology.

UCC is key

If you want to provide a mobile-focused, cloud-enabled digital experience.  Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) can do that. In other words, whether it is for your staff or your customers, ensure you have flexible and simple means in place to connect with your organisation any time, anywhere.

Office & mobile functions

A mobile-oriented UCC solution means that wherever your workers are they have the same features and functions on their mobile devices as they would if they were in the office.

Big-picture needs

When deciding on the future of your communications infrastructure – do you want it to remain on-premises or move it to the cloud?

Another option is to embrace a hybrid – which is both on-premises and in the cloud – until you are ready to fully move to the cloud.

Always go for a simple, single interface

Offering next-gen apps that are all about simplicity is going to put you ahead of your competitors and make you an attractive company for prospective employees. Look for or ask us about corporate UCC tools that have an easy to follow interface.

Straightforward UCC solutions ought to be about simplifying your workers’ experience in a bid to boost productivity. They can get on with the job if functions such as chat, work streams, video, messaging, conferences, talk and collaboration from a single interface are super easy and hassle-free.

Customer experience

It is not just your team that you need to keep in mind: above all, it is your customers or potential clients. In e-commerce or retail, your customers expect to be able to do their shopping or research on their mobiles, laptops and tablets.

Transform your business communication with next-gen apps / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

UCC Omni-experience

Businesses need to keep in mind that clients might start looking up one of your products on their smartphone while on a bus to work, then look it up again on their desktop computer at the office, revisit it again on the way home and then have selected choices available when ready to purchase from an iPad at home. It’s here that you need to be able to provide your customers with what’s technically coined a “UCC omni-experience” – to get that sale every time. 

Varied needs & preferences

Finally, it is important to note that UCC is not a one-size-fits-all experience and your business needs to take into account that different users will have different needs and preferences.

Next-gen apps through UCC offer flexibility so that your employees can pick desktop sharing, instant messaging and any other options they prefer.

Find out more about next-gen apps or unified communications for your business.  Speak with one of our ICT consultants today.