Flexibility & mobility

The way we stay connected in the workplace is no longer a case of simply picking up the office phone and dialling out. Instead, we all have various communications devices we use ranging from mobile phones to laptops, tablets or desktop computers, which allows for flexibility and mobility.

IT and MDM

For your IT department, staying on top of all the devices used by staff is a major preoccupation, especially when it comes to security and software upgrades. They rely on mobile device management (MDM) and look for the best enterprise mobile devise management solution to achieve that. 

Brief overview

For the uninitiated, MDM is a type of security software used by an IT department to monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used by the organisation. There is a lot to monitor and it needs to be done efficiently.

Enter BYOD

This monitoring becomes even more necessary because of the spurt in popularity of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), where we use our personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet to stay connected with all things work whether we are in the office or elsewhere.

The best enterprise mobile device management solution / Azentro Voice Vision Data

Security critical

Imagine a scenario where someone lost their phone and it had sensitive internal information on it or company records. As an employer or as the head of the organisation’s IT division, you would want the best MDM solution available to minimise the risks involved in such an event or anything like it.

The best MDM available

There is plenty to choose from, but not all systems are created equal. So what essential features do you need to think about? We recommend a cloud software system for the management of fleets of mobile communications devices and their connections.

Identify essential features

Look for one that automates the delivery of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) via a web browser, and one that can also automate the ordering, ongoing administration, cost control and governance of mobile fleets, all in one integrated system.

Key elements

For organisations with a large number of mobile communications devices (such as phones, tablets, telemetry devices), we recommend one of our national software partners, Bluewater, because their goal is to remove organisational inefficiency through outstanding software.

Five pillars

Their MDM-centric cloud software system does this by automating the five key elements of managed mobility: procurement, assistance, control, governance and security (optional).

Tabs on costs

With this cloud software system, your company will be able to keep tabs on costs in line with existing accounting structures without having to input the information again from scratch.

Organisational policies unchanged

The system also provides configurable user profiles and dynamic service catalogs to ensure organisational policies are maintained.

Integrated features

The software includes an integrated expense management module, an executive dashboard with drill- down reporting, and a dynamic asset and inventory register with exportable data.

This comprehensive and integrated cloud software system will take the pressure off your IT department, ensuring greater security and efficient managed mobility processes.

To find out more about the best enterprise mobile device management solution for your business, download the Enterprise Mobility Management eBook here.

The best enterprise mobile device management solution / Azentro Voice Vision Data