The mobile workplace

A growing number of jobs in Australia and around the world involve mobility – workers on the road, interstate or networking out of the office, but in regular touch with their employer and their teams, thanks to cloud-based communication.

Just look at the economy – web design, food deliveries and driving, to name a few service industries – as everyday examples of how each sector operates via digital platforms.

Collaborative tools

One of the striking things about cloud-based communication is its focus on providing team collaboration tools – a must-have for the social-networking market – acknowledged as a critically important space that few businesses would be brave enough to ignore in 2019 and beyond.

Tech savvy

As many workers now Bring Their Own Device (BYOD) to the job, this gives them everything they need on their smartphone or tablet such as video conferencing, instant messaging and more to do their job collaboratively and efficiently.

To make it all possible, many employers are discovering and embracing the benefits of cloud-based communication.

Cloud-based communication is all about allowing your workers to connect, communicate and collaborate anywhere on any device without a hitch.

The benefits of cloud-based communication – what you need to know / Azentro Voice Vision Data

What’s involved?

While you may have heard of cloud-based communication, you may not be completely aware of its scope and how it can enhance your business.

What it does is offers businesses the ability to provide all the collaborative systems enjoyed in the workplace today, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Cloud migration

One component of cloud-based communication is cloud migration and it is an important cog in the wheel. Put simply, cloud migration is about moving data, applications or other workplace or business elements to a cloud-computing environment.

Unified communication

Cloud-based communication offers unified communication systems working harmoniously across various locations, while at the same time being far less cumbersome to implement and maintain than traditional on-premises networks.

Cloud provider’s role

Cloud-based communications solutions are simpler to run and its services more flexible, thereby reducing administrative demands on IT departments. Indeed, the onus for running and maintaining the system is completely up to your cloud provider.

What to look for

Like all products in the IT and communications space, not all cloud-based systems are created equal. What your business needs to consider includes:

  • A truly unified communications system which allows for all communication and collaboration capabilities from a single interface;
  • A platform which offers flexible deployment to meet your current and future business needs without a long list of restrictions;
  • A cloud-based communication solution that is super simple to integrate with your existing infrastructure and existing applications;
  • A consistent experience across devices to smooth switching between phones and tablets and between corporate and personal devices;
  • Look for cloud-based technology that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of your business. Our partner, Mitel, is well known delivering new solutions with carrier-grade reliability and innovation.

To find out more about cloud-based communication for your business, speak with one of our ICT consultants today.

The benefits of cloud-based communication – what you need to know / Azentro Voice Vision Data