Safety first

Keeping people safe on the roads is what every car and transport business wants. If you work as a fleet manager you will know that keeping your drivers, vehicles, cargo and other motorists protected is a high priority – and finding a system which can help you do just that is going to be a great addition. Introducing Mobileye. So what is it and how does it improve fleet safety?

On the road

Mobileye is a market leader in the introduction of vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. Its task is to alert drivers through visual and audio alerts to get their attention back on the road so that they can take corrective action and avoid a collision.

Mobileye watches the road ahead without getting distracted or tired. It can predict accidents or collisions in real-time giving the driver more time to react or reduce the severity of the accident. It can also help train drivers to become more aware of their own habits and behaviours.

Mobileye - A Global Leader in Collision Avoidance Systems / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Potential threats

It identifies potential threats in a driver’s path – cyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles – and measures their distance and relative speeds to calculate the risk of a collision. Mobileye solutions understands when risks become seriously dangerous and can alert drivers in time.

Improved fleet safety

It improves fleet safety by helping to combat driver distraction and fatigue-related issues. It detects lane markings to notify drivers when they veer out of lane, and reads speed limit signs to remind drivers to stay within the speed limit. When imminent danger is detected, the system provides real-time visual and audible alerts to keep everyone safe.

ADAS also provides alerts on a single platform, including forward collision, lane departure, and headway monitoring. Its goal is to streamline and improve fleet safety measures by giving drivers ample warning to take corrective action in real-time.

Lower operating costs

Using a safety program like Mobileye has the potential to reduce your operating costs, allowing for that capital to be invested elsewhere.

Further gains

Some of its other pluses include:

  • It is affordable and cost-effective. ROI is typically 12 months or less with very little driver training necessary.
  • One-time installation and there are no ongoing subscription fees.
  • Capacity for lower insurance costs, both in payouts and premiums
  • Potentially fewer costs per collision.

To find out more about Mobileye, the global leader in advanced systems for collision avoidance, you can read more here.

Mobileye - A Global Leader in Collision Avoidance Systems / Azentro / Voice Vision Data