In this era of remote working, bandwidth is more important than ever. In the past, inadequate bandwidth may have periodically blocked customer access to an organisation’s servers. But it’s a constant obstacle to employees attempting to work from home and accessing office databases and networks.

Every email sent, every search through a client account list, every confidential document downloaded involves an exchange of data. When employees are working from home, these exchanges are passing through the public internet as well as the office servers.

How do you know if you have enough bandwidth to meet the increase in data flow? What about security for confidential emails sent via a home ISP? Here’s how to manage data when staff are working remotely.

Remote working 101: Use a VPN

Every time employees connect to office servers from home they’re passing through the public internet. The security protocols that protect them in the office, where PCs are cabled into servers or connected to WLANs, are absent. An employee’s home internet connection may not even have password protection. A hacker could intercept the transmission and piggyback into internal office databases.

A virtual private network (VPN) protects data in transmission by creating an encrypted tunnel from a home device to an office network. Inside this tunnel, all data is protected, like a private internet within the public internet. This means employees could log in to the office from a public Wi-Fi connection at a café and exchange sensitive emails and files without fear of interception. Even if an email or client file is intercepted by a hacker, the information is unreadable because it’s encrypted.

How to Effectively Manage Data when Remote Working / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Advantages of a fully-managed network

Telstra is the biggest ISP in Australia, and its fully-managed data networks are designed to adapt to natural business growth or an abrupt increase in employees working from home.

Azentro is a Telstra business and enterprise partner, supplying fully-managed Telstra Networks and Enterprise SIP solutions for video, voice and data.

With a fully-managed network, bandwidth is scaled in real time to support business activities, extend your reach or handle remote working. That means you can concentrate on coordinating efforts to remain productive while employees continue to be engaged at home.

These tips for managing data for remote working will help monitor and protect the flow of data through company networks. Contact us to learn how remote working software and hardware can keep your employees working hard, no matter where they are.

How to Effectively Manage Data when Remote Working / Azentro / Voice Vision Data