Accidents happen

It is incredibly easy to be distracted on the road when we are driving. It only takes less than three seconds for that distraction to turn into a rear-end collision in many cases. So how does a forward collision avoidance system work?

On any road

The Mobileye forward collision avoidance system is commonly used for fleet vehicles on the road, both in city, rural and highway traffic. It is your gateway to greater vehicle and driver safety as it identifies certain specific potentially-dangerous situations, and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.

Driver error high

Statistics show 94 per cent of accidents are due to driver error and nearly 85 per cent of crashes occur because the driver is distracted just three seconds before the accident.

What it’s worth

Have you ever considered or calculated whether driver distraction is harming your business both in terms of repair and insurance costs and therefore your bottom line?

How does a forward collision avoidance system work? / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

How it works

Let’s look more closely at how a forward collision avoidance system does work:

  • Rear-end collisions are very common. It often happens when the driver looks away from what is ahead of them as the vehicle ahead stops, slows down or is now stationary.
  • A forward collision avoidance system can alert drivers of a potential rear-end collision with another vehicle such as a truck, motorcycle or car.
  • It continuously scans vehicles in front of your vehicle and detects all kinds of vehicles in your path, including motorbikes which can sometimes be hard to see, especially in a “blind spot”.
  • The warning sound and visual can occur 2.7 seconds before impact, giving the driver the chance to react and salvage the situation.
  • It also detects pedestrians and lane drifting and alerts you to take action.
  • A forward collision warning system is designed to alert you to a hazard ahead so that you can take action in time. If you are warned by the system, prepare to brake or steer quickly.

Mobileye is having a positive impact in reducing serious injuries and workplace accidents that occur on the road. Making your fleet safer and more cost effective. Find out more how your business can benefit from Mobileye here.

How does a forward collision avoidance system work? / Azentro / Voice Vision Data