Stress-free communications

Hospitals, aged care facilities and nursing homes are busy places with everything you would expect in a space where there are patients, administrative and medical staff with diverse needs and functions: medical care, food prep, social work, physiotherapy, mental health and much more.

An umbrella to all this 24/7 activity. So what is the best streamlined healthcare communication solutions with the end goal being improving patient outcomes?

Plenty of challenges

The need for healthcare communication solutions does not come without its own set of challenges as more elderly patients increasingly rely on healthcare institutions – as our population grows older (hello, baby boomers) – while balancing the complex needs of growing operational costs and less wiggle room in current and future budgets.

The priorities

Finding the best communication solution is all about focusing on reducing costs while boosting a duty of care, assisting staff productivity with better communication applications and most importantly improving the lives of the healthcare resident or patient with simple but effective communication tools. The tech is there to help you achieve all this with ease.

Healthcare communication solutions – improving patient outcomes / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

What you need

So you may be keen to know what to consider when it comes to healthcare communication solutions – and be relieved to know that the tech industry has become inexorably linked to healthcare with much on offer. This includes:

  • IP Nurse Call Systems
    One of the most effective ways of improving patient outcomes is illustrated by the way technology can assist thanks to the IP nurse call systems (which are compliant to industry standards including AS3811).
  • IP Nurse Call Systems (which can also be wireless) are modular, scalable, and easily upgradeable via software licence keys;
  • This enables connectivity to essential hospital or aged care infrastructure such as fire panels, access control, alarm servers, building management, billing systems, Wi-Fi, RFID, wandering patient/resident, DECT, Vocera and mobile telephones.

A new Business Phone System

There are plenty of features and capabilities to choose from so it will be necessary for your team to work out what is critical to the communication success of staff, suppliers and patients. Features you need to think about include: audio, web and video conferencing; hot desking to enable phone sharing; cloud solutions; mass notification software and automatic call distribution.

Our IP Nurse Call system partners

To provide your healthcare business or institution with the right technology to improve your resident or patient care – and thereby improve patient care outcomes – we have partnered with various leading care management and information system providers. Here is a brief outline of what each offers:

  • Smart Caller has one-stop communication solutions specifically for Nurse Call needs in hospitals, nursing homes, domestic and self-care facilities. Smart Caller offers IP, VoIP (SIP), Wi-Fi and more.
  • MobiCall New Voice has all the security applications you need like special emergency telephones, voice recording interfaces and fire detection systems;
  • Mobotix is one of the world leaders in high-resolution video systems providing several days of recording time in every camera which can be used in healthcare facilities as a video surveillance and audio care solution.

Blending all of these options into one solution is what we specialise in. Enabling better communication for your staff, faster access to information, implementing emergency communication strategies and improving patient care requires a team with experience, high quality technical staff and a support team who know how to handle critical care situations is why many healthcare organisations choose Azentro. Contact our team today learn more.

Healthcare communication solutions – improving patient outcomes / Azentro / Voice Vision Data