In the same way that a customer often favours (and is loyal to) a coffee shop that caters to their personal likes, giving your customers a preferred method of contact you via your multimedia call centre is a way of ensuring your business has a competitive advantage.

What customers want
The fact is customers today like – and expect – choice. If you have a contact centre that offers a variety of communication methods, flexibility and can adjust to volumes of traffic and business conditions, you are on the right track.

  • Equally important is offering ways of communication that reflect the digital age. Does your contact centre offer text, web chat, email, and social media platforms? If not, why not?
  • If you have embraced a multimedia contact centre – or are about to – it’s important that your agents are trained to handle different means of communicating with them.
  • Customers may get in touch by email, a text message, a chat over the internet, or contact you via social media through Twitter or Facebook. It doesn’t really matter which way customers get in touch with your call centre, you just need your agents to know how to deal with multimedia as comfortably as being on the phone.

Happy customers, happy life
If your call centre operates under a multimedia system, you allow your customers to contact you in the channel of their choice, which is a key step in creating happy customers. Equally as important, you can enable your agents to handle multiple contacts simultaneously.

For example, agents could handle a voice call, two emails and a couple of Web chats at once, which boosts agent productivity and lowers customer wait times.

Bottom line
A multimedia call centre also steers customers to the lowest cost channel of service. For example, a customer buying a product or service from your website costs you approximately 24 cents per transaction, whereas a customer purchasing the same product or service over the phone costs you about $7 per transaction.

Mix and match
Flexible communications and efficient service are what customers want, expect and value. They are more likely to remain loyal if doing business with you is easy. 

The right features
Our partner Mitel has everything you need to establish a multimedia call centre. Plus, a cloud-based contact centre often has all of the features and benefits of an on-premises solution with the added advantages of lower hardware and IT staffing costs; data protection and security; increased scalability and flexibility by allowing you to add hardware, software and devices easily with little to no downtime.

If you are looking for ways to make contacting your business easier for your customers then speak with one of our ICT consultants here.