When it comes to business communication tools, Australian organisations are spoilt for choice in the modern market.

Collaboration tools allow staff to store data, chat, email and time-track from a single platform, while companies like Telstra, Cisco and Mitel provide the world-class infrastructure and software to make this possible.

Here are the essential business communication tools within reach of all organisations, big or small.

#1: Video conferencing

The foremost tool for today’s business environment is video conferencing. This indispensable communication method allows employees to collaborate no matter where they are.

The paradigm-changing events of the past few months have confirmed this business tool’s importance. Without it, the impact of COVID-19 would have been felt even more strongly. Online meetings allow information sharing and direct interaction in a way that cannot be matched by a phone call or a lengthy email chain.

#2: Project management

A one-stop shop for all information and communication needed for a project, online project management tools keep everyone on the same page.

Project management tools also keep people on track by coordinating tasks to a timeline. Imagine launching a new product with the dozens of small tasks that need doing before the big day. Using project management software shows the status of individual tasks to ensure everyone finishes on time.

Essential Business Communication Tools for the Workplace / Azentro Voice Vision Data

#3: Workplace intranet

As more people work remotely, it’s necessary to keep in touch socially. An intranet works as a combined water cooler/bulletin board where people can chat about their weekend, the new project or post pics of their dogs.

This kind of social interaction builds bonds that help people understand each other better and collaborate more easily. An intranet’s informality is the key to creating a community of people, rather than an office full of workers.

None of these tools would be possible without the digital gains made by Unified Communications and Collaboration. UC&C is the integration of instant messaging, VoIP, video conferencing, and many other web-based tools.

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Essential Business Communication Tools for the Workplace / Azentro Voice Vision Data