Communication in healthcare is a growing concern for those in the industry. Australians are living longer and community expectations about the type of care available are growing. Healthcare centres are looking to reduce costs and improve outcomes, while improving the productivity of carers and nursing staff.

Let’s look at how communication in healthcare is changing in response to these pressures, and because of the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Remote communication in healthcare

2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic, but it is also the year that the world realised the potential of communication technology.

Our healthcare system usually relies on in-person examinations. Doctors examine patients, prescribe medicine and monitor progress. Because of COVID-19, this close contact between patients and doctors – and patients in waiting rooms – is not advised.

Teleconsults have become the order of the day, with doctors contacting patients through phone and video conferencing.

Communication in Healthcare: Technology in 2020 / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

HealthTech communication technology

Teleconsults are made possible by a conferencing platform that allows doctors, nurses and patients to communicate easily. This technology delivers safer patient outcomes, in a simple, intuitive way. At Azentro, our team is committed to delivering these outcomes through our HealthTech solution.

Healthcare communication technology is more than just keeping people connected. It’s also about recording consults, sharing files and staying in touch through text chat. HealthTech can include audits, sales, training, upgrades, expansions and a managed service approach to infrastructure maintenance.

Nurses on call

One example of this is Smart-Caller’s best-practice Nurse Call solution for nursing homes, hospitals, domestic and self-care.

Smart-Caller uses proven IP, VoIP (SIP) Wi-Fi to keep nurses in touch with patients and residents at all hours.

If your healthcare organisation is looking for communication technology that keeps doctors and nurses in touch with patients, contact us. We can analyse your needs and provide the technology to improve your healthcare communications.

Communication in Healthcare: Technology in 2020 / Azentro / Voice Vision Data