Organisational mayhem

Does this sound like your workplace? You log on to your computer only to find too many emails in your inbox; you are unclear what are the most important tasks to proceed with; clients can’t reach you easily, you don’t really know which projects to be working on as a priority and progress seems slow.

This is not an ideal scenario for any business, so how do you avoid it becoming this chaotic?

Any savvy organisation will tell you it’s about having the right communication and collaboration tools to make your business work smarter and faster.

Communication is central

It’s no wonder then that communication and collaboration tools are gaining ground in many industries, small to medium sized businesses and government organisations as many workplaces become aware of their many benefits for both employees, management and customers.

Fast & functional

With all communication and collaboration tools, generally speaking, the goal is to offer all staff methods of communicating with each other easily, quickly and effectively.

Digital connections

Given that most workers either use desktop PCs, laptops. tablets and smartphones – or a combination of all –look for tools with a collaborative web and mobile application as well as an ability to store data in the cloud. 

Communicate across all devices

Opt for software that provides a communications experience that’s consistent across all your devices, from your desktop to mobile device. After all, you may want to start a conversation on one device only to finish it on another later on and flexibility is paramount. As an example, taking a call on an office phone and moving it to your mobile to continue the call as you leave the office.

Communication & collaboration tools to make your business work smarter & faster / Azentro Voice Vision Data

Must-have features

So what else do you need to think about? Look for communication and collaboration features such as: real-time instant messaging to collaborative team workspaces, audio/video conferencing and collaborative desktop sharing.

This and other features will help transform the way you work and enable your teams to be more productive and collaborative, whether they’re in the office or on the go.

Customers call any time

If your business is customer-oriented, are you keeping up with the way they use their devices? As many people use their smartphones for transactions day and night, your business has to be able to interact with them in the digital world.

Customers expect you to be contactable 24/7, and that availability could to be a key feature of your communication and collaboration software tools package to enable your business to be responsive 365 days a year.

Communication & collaboration tools to make your business work smarter & faster / Azentro Voice Vision Data

There’s a lot you can do to improve business efficiencies. Speak with our team of experts who can help you work out what you need and show you the solution that would best fit your environment.