Driver safety paramount

If you have been thinking of ways to improve driver safety you may have toyed with the idea of using a collision avoidance system but perhaps wanted to know more about the nuts and bolts of how it could impact and improve your business. Wise thoughts! The good news is that collision avoidance systems have come a heck of a long way (pardon the pun) in recent years and they offer so much towards making your fleet safer. Once installed, you may soon wonder how you ever did without it!

Safety records improved

As part of your fleet solution, you can retrofit an advanced collision avoidance system. Not only will it improve your safety records and improve driver distraction, the flow-on advantages will show savings to your bottom line in reducing hefty insurance costs and keep both your vehicles and your drivers in tip-top shape.


Another advantage that Mobileye offers is that it’s a one-time expense and time off the road for installation, plus it will work with most fleet management and telematic systems.

The benefits include:

Potential threats

It helps make your fleet safer by providing an extra layer of safety with intelligent vision sensors. What it does is determine potential threats in a driver’s way including other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists while measuring how far they are from your vehicle and at what speed they’re going while all the time calculating the risk of a collision. This means if the risk is likely to become serious, they can alert the drivers in time to avoid a nasty or even disastrous scenario.

A collision avoidance system – making your fleet safer / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Less driver distraction

Reduces the rate of driver distraction and fatigue-related issues.

Imminent danger

Not only that, it also detects lane markings to notify drivers when they veer out of lane and reads speed limit signs to remind drivers to stay within the speed limit. When imminent danger is detected, the system provides real-time visual and audible alerts to keep everyone safe.

Driving habits

Other benefits include:

  • Having a collision avoidance system helps drivers become more aware of their driving habits and behaviours which can only be a good thing.
  • Having a collision avoidance system does not require a lot of driver training or tests, so it’s quick and easy to implement.
  • Having a collision avoidance system is all about providing an extra level of protection for safety-minded fleets, giving your business both an advantage over less progressive fleets and a good safety reputation welcomed by employees.
  • Having a collision avoidance system may in the long-term help reduce insurance premiums.

A collision avoidance system – making your fleet safer / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

To find out more about Mobileye for your business, you can read more here.