It’s been over 12 months since the formation of Azentro. Planning during that time to transform the head office building into an office of excellence has now begun.  Undertaking this task has been enormous, but months of planning for the build has come together quickly. Azentro have engaged a number of well established contractors such as BCDGroup, Archer Glass, Greenborough Pty. Ltd, Ian Dawson, Freddy’s Painting Service, ACLAD Architectural,Albert Smith Signs and a number of internal people to complete the transformation. Some of the activities to date have included:

  • Removal of the trees (already completed)
  • A new entrance for our building (completed)
  • Colour change for our windows (underway)
  • Re-painting of the whole exterior in a dynamic Matte Black (underway)
  • New illuminated signage (transforming soon)

Over the next few weeks the completion of the build will see the Azentro building as an outstanding icon within the business district.