Customers rule
In the hospitality industry, customers rule, OK. They hold the cards about how things work, what they expect and therefore their use of technology makes them much more sophisticated and sensitive to their pain points. That’s why you need to ask yourself, are telephone systems the solution to increasing your Average Daily Rate (ADR)?

Bad press
Negative guest experiences can be easily highlighted through online reviews and other technological channels, and this may reflect badly on the business – it can be hard to recover from a stinging review; far better a positive one. In fact, according to a study by Cornell University, a one-star increase in online rating can increase Average Daily Rate (ADR) by more than 11 per cent.

Act before problems arise
As companies struggle to identify customer pain points and to implement solutions before problems arise, it is an ongoing challenge for businesses to remain aware of the needs and expectations of its guests.

Communication tools
Telephone systems such as Mitel offer flexible, scalable and secure communications tools aimed at addressing communications challenges in the hospitality industry. Through its unified communications and collaboration solutions, Mitel telephone systems enable you to maintain a constant flow of communication with all your devices, staff and clients.

Mitel offers solutions through its own hardware or on your servers through software. This allows you to expand your communications on your timetable. Here is a brief overview of the telephone system solutions Mitel offers that can help in increasing your ADR.

MiCloud Hospitality
The MiCloud Hospitality solution gives staff more mobility with a range of wireless, mobile and cordless devices regardless of their location. The Hospitality suite of applications includes:

iCharge – Front & Back Office Management
iCharge interconnects all front and back office applications with centralised management systems. Enabling hotel staff to easily manage the voice billing for the guests and administration teams.

InnLine –A fully functioning messaging system
Getting messages to guests and making sure the wake-up management is easy with InnLine for hotels, resorts and cruise ships.

iConnect – extends the functionality of your telephone system
Extend the reach of your telephone system to staff and guests on their mobiles over wireless, for the period of time they stay with you.

IP Connect – provides high speed internet access
IP Connect enables hotels to manage internet usage while guaranteeing dedicated bandwidth for large conferences and premium guests.

HotelMGR – automates and tracks guest service requests and scheduled maintenance
Now you can manage workflow, maintenance duties and preventative maintenance schedules to make sure your facility runs like clockwork.

Staying on top in reviews and ensuring a positive guest experience is much easier with the right technology solutions. Keeping staff fully aware of what is happening through communications is key to a happy guest experience. To maximise your ability to increase your ADR in your establishment speak with one of our Hospitality ICT consultants here.

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