A focus on school safety

When focusing on school safety, it is valuable to know how your telephone system can assist with the safety procedures implemented into the school. Depending on your safety approach, your phone system can actually play a big part in streamlining the communication points so that the right people are notified and know what to do in any given situation. Your phone system will allow your team to guarantee safety everywhere on school grounds easily and efficiently.

Phone system needed

To achieve this, your school will want a phone system that is fast, reliable and has features which help make safety a priority.

Cloud-based VoIP

Schools can now modernise their communications with cloud-based voice-over IP (VoIP) telephone systems that can handle all the institution’s needs, including safety measures.

This phone system enables better safety with features such as voice, video and collaboration over a single high-speed network.

Added to that are safety features such as broadcast-alert capabilities that help schools monitor and respond quickly to security threats and emergency situations.

Quick notification

One of the main functions of your phone system is its ability to quickly notify anyone on-site (and possibly off-site with mobile handsets) during an emergency. This could involve anything from bushfires, floods, arson, threats against staff or students, to assault or violence against someone in the institution.

Critical incident management

Every school will have an incident management plan. The strategy will define how the school reacts under certain extreme circumstances. The plan lets everyone know what they need to do when a critical incident occurs and therefore what your phone system is able to do to help execute that plan.

Look for this

Here’s what your school ought to be looking for in a phone system:

  • If an alarm system had to be activated, look for a phone system with an automated system so that the alarm system could come through the phone or PA system.
  • Your school may be faced with the need to carry out an evacuation which would involve staff being able to quickly use the phone system to alert everyone.
  • When there is a fire, for example, administrative staff need to make sure that all school doors are unlocked so all concerned can get out fast. You can have a phone system where access control is integrated so that it can unlock the doors.
  • Look for a phone system where school administrators can proactively disseminate information to staff, students and parents during an emergency situation, thereby making school safety communication a high priority.

Safety is a priority in all schools, ensuring your incident management plan and processes are clear and effective is critical. Having a telephone system that integrates into these plans is lifesaving. Speak with one of our technical specialists here to find out how your telephone system can be incorporated into school safety.