Switching off? Think again

By the time the holiday season hits, we’re all a bit over it. And while we all want to switch off and simply relax after a year of work, there are important things to do before turning off all your company, school, small business or office commitments. It’s a good idea to prepare your phone system for the holidays so that you don’t lose out on important business prospects and you provide your clients with the right information in your absence.

Plan ahead

Despite most of us being in holiday mode, you don’t want to lose out on valuable business leads. Remember to change the answer points of your 1300/1800 numbers to an office that is open or divert to your message service so you don’t miss that vital call or sales enquiry.

Make sure your system also has the right holiday messages set up to notify clients of your trading hours and who they can contact for support.

Don’t go roaming

We’ve all been told before, however it is easy to forget to think about your mobile phone plan if you’re going overseas. If you’re travelling abroad during the holidays, be sure to investigate what your provider’s roaming charges are. Unless they’re reasonable, ensure you find a way to avoid hefty roaming charges so you don’t get a whopping bill upon your return. Remember to notify staff who are travelling overseas who normally have their extension call forwarded to their mobile to turn it off before they go, unless they need to be on call.


Before you log off work, be sure to complete all the necessary software updates on equipment and ensure all your important work is backed up before you go off on your break. It would not be great to start off 2019 to find important files, documents, emails are no longer in your system with no means of retrieving it.

Upgrade on the cards?

As the workload slows down a little and you have a bit more time to yourself, reflect on whether your phone system is doing everything you want it to going into 2019. Are you dealing with outdated equipment, a phone system that results in missing calls, or you’ve come to the conclusion that you simply want to streamline and improve your communications? Now is a great time to examine and evaluate what you have and what might work better going forward. 

Better phone system, better business

Once you start looking into it, you will find that there are phone systems to suit every need, whether your venture is large or small. As a result, your communications revamp could include investing in a new communications system which can boost productivity and reduce ongoing costs.

Look for features such as easy-to-use video and web conferencing and cloud collaboration, messaging solutions, mobility options and how you can integrate your communications system into your business processes to further improve customer service.

To find out more about phone systems for your business in 2019, speak with one of our consultants here.