Modernising healthcare
It’s still all too easy to have a fairly old-school image of doctors, nurses and healthcare institutions in Australia, with white-coated staff taking notes and communicating among staff and patients with illegible scribbles on thick prescription pads. That’s obviously far from reality in 2017 in many cases, though it’s true that one area that still needs progress in many hospitals, retirement homes and aged-care services is unifying all these technologies so they “talk” to each other. That why you need to boost your healthcare technology.

“One area that still needs progress in many hospitals, retirement homes and aged-care services is unifying all these technologies so they ‘talk’ to each other.”

Investing in healthcare
Many companies in Australia, including some of our partners, are committed to improving and investing in healthcare technology for one reason: it’s a booming business. In fact, the prognosis is that total healthcare expenditure is set to double in the next decade. In other words, the need is great.

Areas that need attention
Naturally, many of those working in the healthcare industry are trained to look after frail and unwell individuals, so their focus isn’t on Unified Communications (UC) and the like. However, there has been a shift in the emphasis of the importance of technology in relation to these processes and more attention needs to occur when it comes to streamlining various systems. This is where connecting technologies to boost your healthcare facilities are crucial. Do you know the areas where you might be deficient and what you would need to improve that?

Experts can help
We know that with IT, it’s good to have a team, including our various partners, who are able to assist and advise your healthcare institution with what you could do to improve your services across the board. We’re leaders in this area and this means, with our help, your staff are better able to perform their tasks efficiently and this could mean a better result for both your healthcare organisation and the people who use it.

Technology to the rescue
In a digital age, there is so much on offer – from integrated voice and nurse-call technology solutions – to name a few, to help you bring your healthcare services into the 21st Century. These technological solutions are able to improve:

  • Boosting patient safety
  • Assisting medical staff in a hospital emergency
  • Streamlining patient records so their access to a wide range of staff, while still respecting patient privacy, is available
  • Offering patients various means of access to the Web, depending on their medical needs
  • Helping patients who may live in regional or remote parts of the country and are unable to visit a healthcare facility by offering alternative ways of care via communication platforms such as video call.

To find out more about healthcare technology and how it could benefit your business, speak with a technical consultant at Azentro today.

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