Tech advances
This has been a year where we’ve seen advances – yet again – in technology in the home and at work and it’s no different for hospitality. Well, 2018 is going to see even more tech advances. In terms of hotel communication solutions – what’s new?

Trends for 2018
Here are the current trends that will make their presence felt in the New Year and these hotel communication solutions could vastly change the landscape of your business. Which ones can you afford to do without?

  • The door key gets a makeover yet again with your guest’s mobile device serving as door key.. The next evolution of the hotel key transforms it into data on a guest’s mobile device.
  • Baby steps so far, but self-serve is coming. Simple tasks like remote check-in and check-out options are becoming popular, and some hotels are beginning to work with apps that let guests order room service from mobile devices. There’s a range of basic guest requests that can be automated with the right technology, which frees hotel staff up for other activities that enhance the guest experience..
  • How often do your hotel guests, now that we mostly have mobiles, use the phone in their room? In future, the room phone will be paired with the guest’s mobile to control everything from the TV to requesting a wake-up call.
  • A hotel is not a home but guests would like it to be especially when it comes to WI-FI access and this is an area where progress will be made. The demand for bandwidth at hotels is only going to grow.
  • Hotel lobbies are informally this already, but designated tech lounges will become increasingly present. A place where guests can get out of their rooms but still access Wi-Fi to relax or get work done.
  • As word of mouth and online reviews can have a big impact, a growing number of hotels have started investing in social listening tools. They allow hotels to find out about guests’ wants, needs, desires, complaints and more – and jump into the conversation.

There is plenty to look forward to as far as hotel communication solutions and what’s new? The only question remaining is when will your business begin to implement them?

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