Contacting your business

Probably the worst thing you can do as a business is not have the right communication system in place for your staff, clients and customers. Put simply, if people can’t get hold of you, they will move on to an organisation that is easy to contact. Fast.

How it was

The way businesses run is rapidly changing.  People working remotely, non-standard hours or days, hot desking, working on site or on the road, the options go on.

New realities

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets where employees can Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD) has opened the door to far greater mobility.

Business phone systems for the modern office / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

The modern office

As a result, how we work and where we do our jobs has changed dramatically as well as the types of offices or spaces we work in – being chained to a desk that we call ours for years is no longer necessarily how we operate.

Offices which include hot desking (desks provided on a rota system), virtual offices (you don’t bear the capital expenses of owning or leasing a building) or co-working spaces (a shared workspace or office), or even working from home, this is increasingly the modern office nowadays and they need relevant business phone systems.

What do you need?

So, the first thing you need to work on is choosing the business phone system that best suits your business. Work out what your needs and requirements are, number of people, locations, and applications required, types of handsets, mobile or headsets, etc. and then be sure to remember that your phone system will now need to be NBN-compatible.

Different mediums

Then set about finding a business phone system that can offer being contactable in a variety of different mediums all through one streamlined platform.

Tech solutions

On offer is a diverse range of tech solutions such as: IP telephony, mobility, collaboration, unified communications, video conferencing and contact centres. All these are geared to making keeping in touch smooth, anywhere and anytime.

Oversee your costs

Not only will your ability to communicate become easy, efficient and effortless, you can also keep tabs on usage, costs and functionality across all departments.

Unified communications

The beauty of unified communications, for example, is that you can have one phone number for numerous devices and one mailbox for voice, text messages and video, allowing for a faster response and access to emails.

Zero in on extras

Depending on the nature and size of your enterprise, your business phone system can also include extras such as: video conferencing, digital media and cloud solutions. Be sure to ask about all the extras available before making a decision on which business phone system is best for your modern office.

To find out more about the right business phone system for your business, speak with one of our ICT consultants here.

Business phone systems for the modern office / Azentro / Voice Vision Data