In these days of remote working, business phone systems help your organisation to remain productive. They replace face-to-face conversations, and allow employees to continue projects and work towards business goals.

But a truly effective business phone system does more than help maintain business as usual. It can actually increase productivity.

Let’s examine why this is the case with three benefits of business phone systems.

1. Remote access

If your business is using IP telephony, your calls are already connected via the internet. An effective business phone system allows you to move your phone from the office PBX environment to a GSM, Wi-Fi or wireless network. VoIP gives you the tools of a virtual or IP PBX – which means you can use call forwarding, answering, messages etc without installing new hardware.

IP telephony also lets you forward office calls to your mobile or home phone, so that clients can use familiar numbers to contact you. Of course, your staff can also contact clients from wherever they are working, making their days more productive.

3 Ways a Business Phone System Increases Productivity / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

2. Call accounting

Business owners need to keep on top of how phone calls are being made, to whom and how much they cost. Using call accounting modules to incorporate data from multiple phone systems allows businesses to assess usage and costs, manage call flow and schedule reports.

Call accounting modules are also useful for resolving misuse of phone calls during work hours, which is more difficult when staff are out of the office. Evaluating telecommunication costs across different departments can also show where these can be trimmed or expanded.

3. Power of connectivity

Being productive in an organisation means being able to co-operate. Eighty-six per cent of employees at companies included in the 2019 Fortune 100 ‘Best Companies to Work For’ say you can count on people to work together at their organisation.

To co-operate, you need to communicate. An effective business phone system allows everyone to use their own preference for connecting, forming the backbone for video conferencing and team management tools.

3 Ways a Business Phone System Increases Productivity / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Great business phone systems

Great business phone systems include state-of-the art voice systems, hardware, handsets, headsets and soft-phone applications. It’s about the hardware as much as the software. And all components work towards the same goal: increasing productivity by making it easy for staff to connect, both internally and externally.

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