So how well is your contact centre performing, would you say? Are there deficiencies you feel are taking business away from you and giving your competitors an advantage, perhaps because you haven’t updated your system, software or social media platforms? Obviously, delivering the right contact centre solution for your business can be the missing link to increase customer satisfaction.

What are the contact centre solutions you ought to be considering or delivering right now to give your business a competitive edge?

Vital to consider

  • Utmost is ensuring you are able to offer a satisfying customer service experience
  • Understanding that contact centres need to reflect the digital age. So managing that customer service experience has become more complex
  • Relying on voice-based communication with customers is still very important but you need to diversity and offer more. Customers in 2017 expect that.

Consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication methods such as social media, text messages, Web chat and email and they want – and expect – to deal with a contact centre that offers them the flexibility to interact with them through their preferred media.

Social media rules, okay
Whether you’re a fan or not, customers are increasingly empowered by social media and they know how to use it to their benefit and that can put you at an advantage, or disadvantage. After all, a negative customer service story can go viral with just the click of a mouse—making customer advocacy a crucial competitive differentiator.

Your contact centre goals
Today’s contact centre must adapt to provide a convenient, satisfying and consistent customer experience at all times.

What’s more, economic downturns and an evolving marketplace have made reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency increasingly crucial – all while remaining compliant with industry regulations and compliance policies. The challenge lies in offering a flexible, intimate customer experience without compromising your bottom line.

What’s on offer
Our partner, Mitel, can provide a contact centre solution that reassuringly and effectively delivers on the quality of service your customers have come to expect with multimedia routing solutions that support the full digital customer experience.

This includes both inbound (including real-time reporting and analytics) and outbound solutions (like automated outbound dialling and CRM pop-ups) for your contact centre, so that customer satisfaction remains a constant. All this within the context of being aware that the right contact centre solution for your business can be the missing link to increasing customer satisfaction.

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