Communication at your core
Communication, especially in a people-oriented business such as hospitality, is at the core of its successful business model. But to get to that point, you need to have an effective way of talking to everyone in the business – both staff and guests.

How your business works
Obviously, what you need to understand more than anything within your hospitality business is how your employees communicate with each other – and your guests.

Challenges are real
It also needs to be said that businesses in hospitality constantly face the challenge of reducing rising operational costs. Expenses such as customer information solutions, labour costs, Internet connectivity and energy costs can escalate faster than income, thereby affecting the profitability of the business.

Reducing costs
Having the right communication solution in place can play a significant role in reducing high operational costs. Knowing staff processes, means teams can have the right equipment in place to manage their roles without disruption to guests or wasting time retrieving information that can be at their fingertips.

Having effective analytics and reporting tools in place can make these processes easier to manage, quickly identify when errors or emergencies occur and show ROI’s on the bottom line so that hotels and hospitality establishments can continuously improve on core business processes.

So here is a brief overview of some ways of reducing operational costs in hospitality with an effective unified communication solution:

  • A unified communication solution can help improve the visibility of business processes thanks to more efficient telephony, messaging, video conferencing, cloud storage, BYOD and so on.
  • A unified communication solution can help reduce the time it takes to undergo daily functions such as addressing customer concerns, making sure housekeeping is aware of issues in rooms and send information to relevant people such as maintenance and emergency in certain situations, do catering staff have the right information and do wait staff have access to ordering systems
  • A unified communication solution can improve the way different departments within the business coordinate their functions.
  • A unified communication solution can improve staff communication and how tasks are assigned, maximising resources.

Many companies struggle to know which deployment option works best for them, which is why working with a skilled ICT partner who specialises in hospitality can help guide you in reducing operational costs with an effective unified communication solution.

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