In the hospitality industry, Hospitality faces unique challenges.  In highly mobile environments such as hotels, cafes, bars, resorts, and other forms of accommodation and food service, minimising potential road bumps and keeping a facility running smoothly for staff and guests while maintaining excellent customer service levels is critical.

The Issue of Excellent Customer Service

Offering exceptional customer service experience is one of the biggest pain points of businesses in the hospitality industry. Customers have increasingly higher expectations and are more sensitive to poor or substandard customer service. In fact, a poor experience can decrease customer loyalty by 20%. This means that for every 5 of your guests that have a negative customer experience, one of them will not seek your services again in the future.

Effective communication lies at the heart of providing excellent customer service. Companies are constantly looking for ways of addressing customer concerns as quickly as possible. Issues that guests experience, such as problems with their rooms, faster room service, and meal choices/availability need to be addressed in the shortest possible time so as to avoid a negative customer experience.

High Costs

Businesses in hospitality constantly face the challenge of reducing rising operational costs. Expenses such as customer solutions, labour costs, and energy costs can escalate faster than income, thereby affecting the profitability of the business. Effective communications can play a significant role in reducing high operational costs.

Therefore, having an inefficient communication strategy can prove costly for the business. Poor communications can lead to uncoordinated functions in different departments, resulting in high operational costs. Daily functions of the business will take longer to implement, and customer concerns won’t be resolved in a timely manner. It can also be challenging to communicate with staff and to properly assign tasks and responsibilities in a manner that maximises resources.

Deploying the right communications solution

Your business may have recognised the need and benefits of implementing an effective and unified communications system. But how can you deploy this system in a manner that maximises resources and increases ROI? Effective deployment is a constant challenge among businesses in the hospitality industry.

Deploying a unified communications system can prove to be a major headache to your business if not approached the right way. Depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your operations, choosing the right deployment option can be the difference between successful and failed implementation of unified communications.

Working with a partner who understands the unique challenges experienced in the Hospitality industry means your excellent customer service rating can only improve and you should see a reduction in costs due to higher productivity.  Speak with one of our technical specialists here.