Customer fail
Most of us have heard those classic stories of frustrated and angry customers who’ve tried to get in touch with someone at a contact centre and they’ve had to wait for far, far too long before dealing with an agent. Their impression of the business is wholly negative. That’s out with the old.

Customer gain
What you want is to offer a modern and reliable contact centre with tools that seamlessly integrate traditional automatic call distribution (ACD) with sophisticated workflows and media of choice with the offer of email, social media, text, video, Web chat. Their impression of the business is wholly positive. That’s the new.

To move forward, you need to implement these newer technologies: so it’s out with the old and in with the new – following is everything you need to know to implement the media of choice for your clients.

What customers expect

  • Consumer preferences for how they interact with an organisation have evolved rapidly in the last few years.
  • They expect the choice of phone, text, web chat, social media, video, email, web and self-service channels.
  • What’s vital is being confident that your contact centre provides a consistent customer experience across all media of choice.
  • A customer should be able to effortlessly move from a company’s website to a call centre to a social media community forum and get non-conflicting information and customer service procedures.

Media of choice

  • What can’t be stressed enough is the need for efficient delivery of service to customers in the media of their choice. Part of this process is to also capture detailed customer information not available from voice communications.
  • In other words, your multimedia contact centre needs to be just as responsive to these media as on the phone. You can do this with the use of accurate tracking, reporting and forecasting to plan your business and even protect against liability and customer claims.

Service levels
The new involves maintaining service levels across all contacts. It allows you to efficiently integrate and maintain service levels across all contact types, and to monitor and report on them. This is fundamental to the growth of your business.

Happy customers and happy agents are a good sign that you have the right technology in place to ensure service levels are met and high standards of customer service are maintained.

Today’s customer have so many choices from a communications perspective.  The good news is that enabling customers to use their communication medium of choice is usually quite cost effective for your business and most of the technology available today has great integration capacity.  Which means you are not up for large hardware costs in a lot of scenarios.

To find out more about call centre technology and how you can implement to the right communication mediums for your clients into your contact centre, speak with one of our technical specialists today here.  Or download this eBook on Contact Centres here.