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Have you ever looked online at product or business reviews and noticed that some enterprises seem to have endlessly positive feedback. Is it just a fluke?

What it is that unites these glowing responses from customers? It’s simple: when it comes to call centre satisfaction, it’s no longer about providing a single satisfactory transaction, it’s about providing exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint.

Identifying the right touchpoints
Do you know what your touchpoints are? Too hard to work out? Not at all, when you understand that you need to have your customer in mind at every touchpoint. Does your call centre have a system, technology, staff and a work culture in your call centre that encourages that exceptional customer experience as a minute-by-minute goal?

An off-kilter touchpoint which shows up advertising that’s not hitting the mark, billing errors, or a hard-to-navigate website can turn customers off.

If you’re worried about not having the right touchpoints, what’s the best solution? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Ask for feedback, conduct customer surveys, examine complaints.

“More than 70 per cent of customers said an exceptional customer experience helped them ‘fall in love’ with the brand or company.”

Ways to achieve an exceptional customer experience
Here are some of the best ways to keep your clients happy:

  • Speed – Guarantee that your contact centre has the right software and technology to ensure your customers’ queries are responded to fast.
  • Knowledge – Do you know your customers? Are you aware of their needs and expectations? Do you personalise your interactions with your customers?
  • Tackle your mistakes – Not resolving problems experienced by customers is a surefire way of gaining a bad reputation. Always aim for a high standard of results so that any negative feedback is dealt with quickly.
  • Try harder – If a client feels you will go that extra mile for them, not only will they remember that experience positively, it almost guarantees good feedback and customer loyalty.
  • Keep a customer for life – A satisfied or happy customer does a lot of unpaid marketing for you. They will tell their family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances, plus they will come back.
  • The power of social media – This can work both in your favour – and against you – when it comes to customers’ telling you exactly what they think of you. A survey in the US found that more than 70 per cent of customers said an exceptional customer experience helped them “fall in love” with the brand or company. Conversely, if they’d had a bad experience, they’d want to tell as many people as possible on social media (or websites) that they did not rate the organisation or product.

Managing a lot of these ways to achieve exceptional customer service can now by handled with the right call centre technology and in some business cases with the right unified communications solution.  The right technology company is not only interested in what technology suits your business they will want to understand what is important to you and your customers so you can leverage technology to stand out from the crowd.

Speak with one of our technical consultants today about the right solution for your business or check out this eBook on Call Centres to find out what is available here.