It’s well established that most people these days, no matter what they’re doing – from booking holidays to buying clothes to engaging with a contact centre – expect their interactions to be as sophisticated as the digital age we live in. We need more than just voice to cut through in today’s market, we need to socialize our contact centre.

What do we mean by that? We mean it is as up-to-date as it can be? As we’ve suggested, customers, young or old, are more tech-savvy than ever before. Therefore, rapidly evolving technology has led to dramatic changes in what customers expect from your service.

What do customers want?
They want to talk to you, but the manner in which they do that involves digital communications such as text, email, Web chat and social media.  In other words, voice interaction isn’t always enough anymore.

They want to communicate with you with a media type of their choice. Yes, some people still want to interact via voice, but there is a growing number of customers that prefer interaction via other mediums like email, web chat, SMS, social media and yes some still want to communicate via fax. If we as organizations can’t facilitate the communications type our customers want, you can be sure your competitors will.

Do you have the right tools?

Measuring customers’ service/satisfaction levels are key, “if you can’t measure it you can’t make it better”. The traditional “Call Centre” is not a business with a phone on the desk, it is a business that has the mechanisms to measure customer sentiment, the measurement piece is key. Knowing this, how are you measuring your customer service levels for email, web chat, and social media interaction?  Just in social media alone:

  • Every day more than 500 million tweets are posted to Twitter, more than 420 million status updates are made on Facebook and millions of other interactions are taking place on other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram
  • With the right social media solution, you can monitor third-party social media sources
  • Filter the most important messages to your company
  • Respond to your customers and measure your multimedia success so you can better manage your business
  • Critical to this process is keeping an eye on detailed social media reporting, your business can know whether it is being promoted or demoted online so you can take the necessary steps to optimise brand sentiment.

Choosing the right call centre software
Whether your customers are reaching out to you from a PC, a mobile device or a tablet, the right call centre software can ensure they’re provided a seamless user experience to have their inquiries addressed in real time. You’ll be wanting software with tools that cover everything (with time-saving benefits!) from:

  • Customisable reporting – put the right data in the hands of managers and supervisors, making it easier to compare key information from various systems across your organisation
  • Use the same interface to report on all media types and generate cross media reports to see growth
  • Self-service portals that automate client interaction and give real value to those customers that know exactly what they want, to transact
  • Build better customer rapport – if the customer gives an agent a good service rating, ensure the next call goes to the same agent
  • Self-service interactive voice response (IVR) – increase customer satisfaction and retention by enabling automated services from anywhere, at any time, from any phone.
  • Disaster recovery – your contact centre is ready for unplanned network, data and power outages. This ensures that revenues are not lost and customer satisfaction isn’t compromised.
  • Become an employer of choice – allow agents to work anywhere on any device

To find out more about call centre technology and how it can boost your service levels, speak with one of our consultants here or get a free audit here for your communications systems.