Customer-driven call centres
Most businesses and institutions such as banks, insurance companies, retailers, travel companies and other financial institutions like super funds are searching for better ways to manage their customer relationships. As a multimedia call centre is fast becoming the way of the future in achieving this, can your business afford not to be part of this change?

Future goals
So what do you need to consider for your multimedia call centre and whether it represents the change many are talking about? How do you stand out from the pack and give your business a competitive edge?

Here are some key best practice objectives to ensure your business is part of this fast-moving change.

  • Incorporate newer technologies to replace any outdated models and give your customers a positive contact centre experience to complement their store and online interactions.
  • Your multimedia contact centre needs to offer smart solutions that promote routing and scripting, performance reporting, computer telephony integration and outbound dialing.
  • Automation is front and centre of the multimedia call centre. It boosts productivity and helps managers ensure the customer experience is a win-win.
  • New cloud-based technology means your team can log in to the same interface, use the same phone systems, access the same powerful features, work on the same campaigns and view everything in real time no matter their location.

Multimedia options

  • Offering media of choice is also part of this change. Multimedia options such as Web chat, email, video, social media platforms like Facebook and SMS are all important platforms.
  • Live chat is becoming increasingly common and popular. Some reports suggest it increases customer engagement by 10 per cent compared with voice calls. Can your business afford not to offer this too?
  • Some multimedia contact centres report that messaging has become a very popular form of contacting them. It saves time, gives the customer a feeling of control. Some feedback also suggests a proportion of callers find voice conversations intimidating when dealing with a call centre, and therefore are pleased that messaging is on offer.
  • With messaging, the call centre has the chance to properly evaluate the communication with no need to respond straight away.

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