As a leader in unified communications systems, Mitel has announced the launch of its latest applications suite MiCollab 8.0. This new release allows you to take your communications efficiency within the organisation to the next level. You can now provide an end-to-end user experience to your customers by taking advantage of the numerous features offered by MiCollab 8.0.

As a proud partner of Mitel solutions, we at Azentro know that it is not only about the features. It’s also about how those features can be applied to the workplace in order to promote efficiency, collaboration, and real-time decision-making.

MiCollab Meeting centre increases collaboration

Are you always struggling to schedule meetings in the workplace? The new MiCollab meeting centre offers an integrated Audio, Web, and Video conferencing platform on the existing 6800 and 6900 series desk phones. You can now simply make a tap to call and the system integrates the various media outlets in order to access your team members for a meeting.

You can also design and access your meetings calendar right from the phone. Having frequent meetings with your team members is one of the most effective ways of increasing collaboration and inspiring new ideas/problem-solving in the workplace.

MiCollab 8.0 now makes it easier for you to keep up with rapidly evolving customer technological demands.

Mitel Introduces MiVoice Business Release 8.0 SP1

The launch of MiCollab 8.0 has been accompanied by the release of a comprehensive voice solution for your business- the MiVoice Business Release 8.0. The new voice system incorporates an integrated headset that provides visual voicemail and mobile call history.

You can now maintain constant communication with your team members in the workplace, and leave comprehensive voice messages when someone is temporarily unavailable. This efficiency allows for problems to be identified and resolved much faster, and communication patterns can be tracked and analysed through the presence of a call history log.

MiCollab Client Release 8.0 enhances customer service

The new client release of the software now allows more users of the system to provide critical customer support to clients. They can now place and accept calls, chat with contacts and search the directory.

Making your business more customer-focused is the key towards customer satisfaction, loyalty, and your bottom line. With more users of the system being able to assist customers with their concerns, MiCollab 8.0 provides a pathway for business success.

Compatibility with Windows 7 & 10

Businesses using Microsoft devices can now enjoy support for Windows 7 and 10 through the MiCollab for PC client. Your business can now upgrade both its PC systems as well as its unified communications platform without compromising on functionality.

Keeping abreast of the constant changes in technology enables Azentro to stand out from the crowd when it comes to solution design for your unique business requirements.  Speak with one of our technical specialists here.