Like most technology-based organisations, call centre technology is fast-changing and as far as helping your business is concerned this is a very promising development. Especially as now you can get closer to your customers with call centre technology – customer experience solutions (CX).

The best way to get closer to your customers is to offer excellent, reliable, steadfast and prompt customer service. Call centre technology is at the ready to help you do this in various ways.

Managing getting closer to your customers with call centre technology has to include embracing the digital age. Of course you would still be using voice-based communication with clients but you need to factor in that customers are expecting for your business to have social media, SMS, web chat and email and would regard that to be the norm in most cases. Your call centre can serve customers in the

media of their choice: voice, email, web chat, SMS, social media, and self-service.

Some of the tech features your call centre needs to incorporate in terms of customer experience solutions (CX) – or at the very least consider including soon – are:

  • Cradle-to-grave lifecycle reports so supervisors have an easy way to report on the most important key performance indicators so they can focus on increasing operational efficiencies.
  • With customisable reporting, you create full reports that meet your business needs.
  • With a workforce scheduling solution, you can free your supervisors from the time-consuming task of manually configuring employee schedules and retrieving historical data for forecasting future call and contact volumes.
  • With schedule adherence monitoring, supervisors are enabled with the tools they need to verify that employees are performing their on- and off-phone duties as scheduled.
  • Supervisors can save time with queue control and can improve customer service by opening and closing queues based on real-time conditions. They can instantly change agent and queue availability to adjust to unplanned call volumes and ensure efficient service.
  • By implementing a self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention by enabling automated services. This drastically reduces costs while maintaining high-quality service levels and frees up your agents to handle more complicated customer transactions.
  • With a social media solution for your contact centre, you can monitor third-party sources, filter the most important messages to your company and measure your success so you can better manage your business.

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