Guests are savvy
In case you haven’t noticed, your customers are pretty savvy people these days. Thanks to cheaper airfares, many of your guests are well-travelled and know what they like and want. That’s why you need to know how to exceed guests’ expectations with the right hospitality communication solution.

Technology changes everything
With the popular use of smartphones, tablets and apps, your hospitality business is vulnerable to people’s opinions, comments and reviews: it’s fantastic when they are positive.  Having the right tools, technology, apps and information available to guests when they need it can, reduce the chance of negative comments or reviews.

Communication is key
Effective communications in the hospitality industry is the key towards a positive guest experience and having expectations exceeded. Here is a brief overview of some of the products we recommend that support and enhance your guests experience with you.  They include:

  • For a comprehensive communications system that incorporates voice, video and instant messaging, consider the MiVoice MX-ONE. This product allows for deployment in both a centralised and distributed fashion, with or without dedicated hardware.
  • The MiVoice Office 400 is a versatile unified communications solution for medium and smaller-sized businesses in hospitality.
  • For scalable and reliable communications in large businesses, the MiVoice Business offers a variety of built-in core applications. The features of MiVoice Business enable you to achieve mobile access to information, unified messaging where employees can receive communications regardless of their location and deployment flexibility (on-premises or through the cloud).
  • The MiCollab tool offers users the ability to connect, collaborate and communicate across many different departments and devices.
  • For front and back office management, Mitel’s iCharge application interconnects all front and back office applications with centralised management systems.
  • InnLine will help provide an efficient and reliable system for your guests to receive messages and wake-up calls for hotels, resorts and cruise ships.
  • Provide easy mobile connection to your facilities and booking features with iConnect or a customer loyalty app. With this, guests can also book hotel services without having to go back to their rooms or reception.
  • For something on a larger scale, IPConnect enables hotels to manage internet usage while guaranteeing dedicated bandwidth for large conferences and premium guests.

To find out more about the communication solutions that provide your guests with the level of service that is expected in today’s fast paced and digital world, speak to one of our communication specialists today.