Your contact centre is a key player in a new era of digital transformation and accessibility. So what are the best ways for your business to tap into this? One of the standouts is to enable customers with self-service portals in your digital contact centre.

Understanding customer behaviour

  • A recent survey found nearly two-thirds [of consumers] said they use online channels across sales, marketing and service because of their speed and convenience
  • However, if the call centre fails to offer what they want, chances are they will switch providers
  • The study found that nearly 65 per cent of consumers switched providers due to poor customer service
  • Therefore, the more responsive your digital contact centre is to customers’ needs, the better.

How can you help your customer

Imagine a scenario where the customer essentially does all the work while boosting your productivity and profits. This is at the heart of self-service portals in your digital contact centre and naturally you will want your digital call centre to incorporate various features. They are:

  • Provide an auto-attendant so callers can easily decide who is best suited to answer their calls
  • Offer a more complex self-portal that gives them the choice of interacting with your business without the help of an agent
  • In order to allow customers to help themselves, you’ll need contact centre software that has interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities.

The benefits of IVR

  • With an IVR solution, you can automate routine, low-value calls to free up employees for mission-critical tasks.
  • This enables businesses to reduce their cost per transaction while improving service over the phone and extending service hours since customers can help themselves through the system 24/7.

Most IVR applications also enable you to proactively reach out to customers with outbound dialing capabilities. This proactive outreach increases agent productivity by automating outbound calls and simple messaging and improves business processes and services by collecting customer feedback.

The human touch

While self-service portals have plenty to recommend them, remember to also offer more than that in your digital contact centre. After all, as a call centre business you’d be well aware of the customer who changes their minds and decides they want to talk to a real person. An advanced IVR application can program an option that allows customers to leave the IVR system and be forwarded to talk to a human being.

Being able to cater to Client’s needs with the fast self-service approach and the human touch is all possible in a digital contact centre today. Find out how you can set up a customised solution for your business and cater to the specific requirements for your clients.  Contact a specialist today here or call 1800 888 555.