eHealth revolution
Our Federal Government is well aware of the potential for eHealth in Australia. Indeed, it sees its development as the most important “revolution” in healthcare since the advent of modern medicine. But, like many sectors in the health industry, the government is fully aware of its many challenges – how, for example, will a uniform system be implemented across the board? eHealth in Australia is very much about connecting the right technologies.

Why it matters
eHealth, put simply, as you would now be well aware, makes use of developments in computer technology and telecommunications to deliver health information and services more effectively and efficiently. For Australia, as the government sees it, eHealth holds great potential in many areas, such as resolving the tyranny of distance or reducing the costs associated with caring for an ageing population.

Still work to do
There have been plenty of government papers and reviews done in the last decade and one of the recurring themes is a lack of integration across programs and technology platforms.

eHealth in your life
Within the healthcare industry, it is being recognised that one of the main new mindsets is going from a perception of being in the care business to a perception of being in the customer services business – it’s probably something you’ve already noticed as a patient going for your annual check-up with your GP: They will have all your health records online, plus input from a pathology centre with blood test results, for example, which they can discuss with you.

“The eHealth development is the most important ‘revolution’ in healthcare since the advent of modern medicine.”

Talk the talk
However, imagine that on a far, far bigger scale where you need doctors to be able to speak to staff and other specialists, as well as healthcare staff needing to keep an eye on mobile patients in an aged-care facility, for instance. This is where connecting the right technologies to boost your eHealth facilities really comes into play. The good news is there’s plenty to choose from – IP nurse call systems, videoconferencing , Unified event communications platforms to name just a few  –  if you have an experienced technology partner on hand who understand the needs of your facility be it a hospital, medical centre, aged care facility and so on then you’re in good hands..

If you need explanations of some newer technologies like integrated voice and nurse-call technology solutions which can be tailored specifically to your needs, you can speak with our technical team here. In connecting these types of technologies, your staff will be better connected and will be able to manage incidents effectively and efficiently, ensuring the best possible residential and health care across the board.

To find out more about healthcare centre technology and how it could benefit your business, contact the technical team at Azentro to discuss your requirements.

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