Is your business phone system driving you crazy?

Does your telephone system no longer do everything you need it to?  Maybe it’s time to find out how an audit can get you back on track

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You need to ask yourself, Does your telephone system no longer do everything you need it to? It could be that your system was setup many years ago and was rarely updated as your business has grown. Is it finally time to review your equipment, infrastructure and software?

Whether you’re considering updating your existing phone system, relocating or simply looking at ways to introduce new technologies that drive greater productivity and reduce costs, Azentro will provide a Telecommunications Audit that will clearly outline exactly what your current infrastructure is, what you’re paying for it, and provide you with a clear alternative for you to consider.

A phone system audit is no different from a personal health check to make sure your business is getting the very best for its IT dollar, understand how to maximise the operational efficiency of your network and identify where you can make some significant long term savings.

We conduct this audit by one of our experienced technicians visiting your premises at a convenient time to assess your physical communications setup. From this audit we will identify in a written report if your existing system is the best ROI for your business, make any suggested solutions that will make your phone system more efficient ensuring that you get great value for the latest technologies that the market has to offer.

  • Azentro will aim to make any change as quickly, seamlessly and efficiently as possible.
  • Azentro will guarantee that you will save money by undertaking this audit.


Reasons to get an audit

A phone system audit from Azentro will give you a clearer picture and will uncover what issues your current system may have and offer solutions to get you back on track. The audit report will uncover some of the following

  • Equipment makes and models
  • Equipment redundancies
  • Faulty equipment
  • Misconfigured equipment
  • Standards compliance
  • Extension types
  • Extension capacities
  • Line types
  • Line capacities
  • Inaccurate service records
  • Security
  • Resilience


*audit is available up to the value of $600. Available to businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Should your audit be outside the value cap or geographic location we will be happy to discuss with you

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