Connect to the NBN

As an organisation, company or business in Australia, you will need to migrate from your existing ISDN connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and ensure it is compliant – is your business ready for this?

Solutions at hand

We know what the issues are regarding NBN compliance for your business and a reputable communications company can help make the transition easy.

Benefits of NBN compliance

As well as being aware of the solutions for NBN compliance you may be keen to know what the benefits are. They include:

  1. Scalability as the NBN is deployed across your business’s incoming data service.
  2. Portability as calls to SIP numbers can be easily diverted to other numbers and are not tied to physical locations, which in turn may help lower the costs of the service.
  3. Improvements Expect better levels of voice quality, as your employees will be able to make and receive HD quality voice calls.
  4. Savings You may be pleasantly surprised to find that being NBN compliant could mean reduced costs for your business as charges for call handoffs by your telecommunications provider can be avoided.

NBN compliance – is your business ready? / Azentro / Voice Vision Data

Act now

You may want to put it off or feel you still have time to make the change, but the NBN rollout is well underway and your reliance on ISDN does have an expiry date – it is in fact next month (September 2019) when the disconnections will begin so you need to move quickly.

These are the steps you will need to take:

  • Talk to us about changing your ISDN connection to NBN;
  • We can advise if you need any hardware changes as a result of the connection change
  • Act sooner rather than later to avoid hassles with getting onto the new platform.

Guidance available

It will be reassuring to know that there is help available, both from experts like us who understand what is required to make your transition smooth and effortless as well as broadcasting regulatory bodies such as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) who have been tasked to make the shift to the NBN better for all consumers, including businesses.

Consumers better protected

The ACMA has introduced a new set of rules to give consumers greater confidence that their telco will make sure their new NBN service will work as expected or offer an interim service if their NBN can’t connect, be fixed or work effectively within three days.

As well, the ACMA will ensure that the NBN service will need to be working as promised, handle consumer complaints promptly and ensure the NBN industry is compliant or risk facing penalties.

Avoid the last minute rush

If you leave everything to the last minute, you could risk a loss of business due to voice call drop-outs, data congestion and voice quality issues. The sooner you act to get expert help to make your business NBN compliant, the better for your business’ future. Are you ready to do this today?

To find out more about NBN compliance for your business, speak with one of our ICT consultants.

NBN compliance – is your business ready? / Azentro / Voice Vision Data