Have you ever stayed awake at night worrying if your fleet is being as efficient as they can be?

If you’ve invested in a fleet management system, the answer is probably yes.

No doubt about it, purchasing a fleet management platform with vehicle tracking capabilities is a massive step in sharpening up your operation.

While basic GPS fleet management solutions enable you to track the progress of your vehicles, adding analytics to the equation dramatically increases their functionality. Now you can monitor and report on the key performance indicators that matter to your business.

Now that you’ve got the data in front of you, you can do something about it.

Performing on a vehicle to vehicle basis, you’ll be able to drill down deeper into the performance of both individual vehicle and driver to find out if they’re as cost-effective as they could be.

Analytics will help you build an accurate picture of how your assets are being used. Real data is more reliable than your gut instinct. Analytics tools will allow you to track individual vehicles or whole fleets more precisely. You might find some assets are lying idle, meaning you can downsize the fleet, or that others are in need of servicing after heavy use.

You’ll be able to:

• View specific details, dates and times of events and trips
• See how far your vehicles have travelled—and for how long—including how much fuel was used during specific travel
• Get the best/worst vehicle rankings for key items like idle time, fuel waste, vehicle usage and more

As you might imagine, It’s important to realise the implementing a fleet management system into your business is not going to be an overnight success, you’ve got to work in close collaboration with it.

It may feel a little “big brother” but haven’t you got the right to keep costs as low as possible?

So, your return might still be positive, but you can make it even more so. Vehicle tracking cuts out the cluttered communication and shows you the black and white results so that you can make decisions that are good for business.

After all, it’s your creation, and demanding the best from all of your assets is how you grow.

How are your vehicle tracking analytics performing? Can they be better?

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