Managing the logistics of a fleet spread across the country, constantly on the move is not easy at the best of times. When you add in variables such as the type of freight, drivers, weather and mechanical elements, sometimes safety drops down the priority list.

But what if there was a way you could use GPS Tracking Solutions to not only save money and time, but to also improve fleet safety? What if you could have a system that automated workflow, streamlined the fleet management process from start to finish and gathered vital information that allowed your business to be proactive about safety?

DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software does just that. It is designed to simplify fleet management and utilise GPS tracking solutions that drives efficiency for logistical businesses with a strong safety foundation.

Red Flags

Real time updates on important fleet activities give your Fleet Manager vital data on the skill-level of their drivers and the quality of their vehicles. Alerts can signal many different events such as harsh acceleration, speeding, and harsh turning. This allows management to look at which drivers may need further training. This proactive approach to safety reduces the risks of accidents, injuries, vehicle damage and unnecessary fines. damage while helping managers validate


The data from the Event Viewer gives the company great information to use as a foundation for coaching drivers who may need additional support. Used in conjunction with Driver Scorecards that provides performance data, the Event Viewer gives management the information they need to create a driver safety training program unique to their business and their drivers. Rather than approaching training with a one size fits all mentality, this is an efficient and smarter way to use the business intelligence the GPS tracking solutions provide.


Having the ability to monitor an individual’s skill on the road also gives the business an opportunity to provide rewards associated with safe driving. It’s so important to create a safety first work culture. KPI targets can be set but more importantly, supported by efficient, real time data that is indisputable for the company and also the driver. By seeing their driving performance broken down into numbers, drivers can clearly see what they need to do to improve. Managers can build individual training plans for the drivers that need help as we’ve mentioned before and incentivise good drivers through reward programs for positive performance.

Business Performance

Instilling a safety first work culture and focusing on safer driving improves nearly every area of fleet operations. Improved vehicle handling leads to less wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs and vehicle depreciation. This also inhibits the risk of an accident, fatality or damage to drivers or company vehicles.

Safe drivers stay on the road, increasing the amount of jobs they can complete. With fewer road violations and accidents, companies experience reduced insurance discounts and lower premiums. The money saved can be reinvested in other areas of business operations.

Using GPS tracking solutions to improve safety within the business, also positively impacts the profitability of a company.

Employer of Choice

Better drivers generate better word-of-mouth. A company that is recognised as respectful of and valuing the performance of their staff often ends up with a higher level of employee. People don’t want to leave but if they do, you can guarantee that there are plenty more skilled drivers wanting to work with a company that values their employees and has transparency around their driver’s performance.

A safe fleet builds excellent business relationships, positive community opinion and becomes an employer of choice within the industry.

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