Safety and driver training are necessary for all businesses that rely on the use of motor vehicles. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) quite clearly states that just because an employee has left the building doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible for them.

And anyway, in this industry, if one of your drivers is in the office then they’re not doing their job. GPS location tracking will make their work conditions safer and cover you, should the worst happen.

Monitor employee behaviour and vehicle conditions

Knowing how your employees are using their vehicles will allow you to make changes should they be using them dangerously. You’ve got the ability to stop an accident before it happens. Anything from speeding to hazardous locations or anything wrong with the car like poor braking, flat tyres you’ll know first-hand and can supply the adequate training and get the repairs done.

You’ll be able to get things fixed before they become a problem.

It’s there when phones just won’t do

No matter how much we wish they wouldn’t the truth is that accidents do happen and in an emergency situation, every second counts.

With the assistance of GPS location tracking, you can keep an eye on your drivers to within four meters. That means if they have an accident in an area with poor network coverage and the driver cannot make contact, fleet managers will have the best possible idea of their location, to alert emergency services immediately.

Stay a step ahead of your drivers

While your drivers are doing what they’re paid to do, your fleet manager can look out for any potential hazards on route to their next job and let your driver know through two-way instant messaging to avoid any unnecessary mishaps.

You can’t put a price on safety; GPS location tracking is there to guard against complacency and keep your operation functioning as safe and as efficiently as possible.

To find out more about how GPS location tracking can optimise the safety of your employees, download this free eBook here or speak with a GPS location tracking specialist here.