Mobile devices are an important part of workflow for many enterprises. Bring Your Own Device and Choose Your Own Device policies normalise device usage, and encourage employees to work on the smartphones and tablets most comfortable to them. However, this influx of technology creates a complicated landscape for the IT department. Enterprise mobility management solutions help your organisation support, secure and maintain mobile devices within your organisation. Here are some of the greatest benefits offered by such solutions.

Streamlined Procurement and Purchase Orders

Ad-hoc procurement processes can eat up a lot of time and make it difficult to equip employees with the devices they need to do their jobs. Enterprise mobility management solutions provide end-to-end control over this workflow. You can offer departments their own mobile device bundles customised for their needs, get a full list of purchase orders and automate common requests such as data lines and SIM cards.

Improved Mobile Security

Compromised mobile devices can cause a lot of damage in your organisation, so maintaining security is a must. Enterprise mobility management does this in several ways. Remote locking and deletion protect data if an employee loses a device or it gets stolen.

IT staff can track devices by many criteria, so they know exactly what’s going on in the fleet. Devices that are out of compliance are immediately flagged, and user access control makes it easy to manage passwords and handle other security details.

Increased Visibility into Mobile Costs

Mobile expenses can quickly get out of control, especially if the organisation lacks oversight into these purchases. Enterprise mobility management gives you full visibility into your cost centre. You can identify areas for improvement, such as consolidating data services to a single carrier for economy of scale.

Track mobile usage to discover where you’re losing more money than expected. Employees making personal international calls or streaming data on wireless can lead to hefty bills. When you know exactly where your problem areas are, you can take the appropriate steps to resolve them.

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