Can you afford to keep operating without one?

In business, the best way to make a profit is to minimise costs and in the logistics industry, it couldn’t be more crucial.

Fortunately, there’s a little thing called GPS vehicle tracking.

Forming part of a fleet management platform, it’s benefits far surpass that of knowing where your vehicles are located. It eliminates the guesswork and gives you actionable data so that you’re making decisions that are in the best interests of the business.

Reduced fuel costs across the fleet

Things like speeding, engine idling, unauthorised usage and inefficient routing may not amount to much on a singular vehicle, but over a whole fleet it can add up to a monumental fuel bill.

Keeping outgoings as low as possible is key to any business success. So having the knowledge that a GPS vehicle tracking system can provide will give you the kind of data that will let you know how your fleet is operating and where you need to implement changes so that you can reduce costs.

Keep track of your drivers’ time

You shouldn’t have to pay for your employee’s time when they’re off the job. With GPS vehicle tracking, you’ll be able to distinguish between business and private use of your company assets and bill accordingly. You’ll get an accurate insight of how your employees are using the companies time and if their personal decisions are good or bad for business.

Better productivity

Knowing the difference between how a job was scheduled and how it panned out can alert you to any inefficiencies and give you the data that will allow you to make changes to tighten up your operation, allowing your fleet to get more done throughout the business day, leading to better productivity.

Improved Driver Safety

Safety and driver training are important for all businesses. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) is clear in stating that when employees leave the building, it does not mean the responsibility for their safety is no longer yours.

Like a central nervous system keeping you in touch with your mobile workforce, a GPS fleet management solution will help implement and monitor workforce safety policies, tracking employee behaviour and vehicle conditions in real time to minimise risk. Fleet safety policies is no longer sufficient for your workforce. The WHS Act says businesses must proactively manage compliance with these policies.

If you have a mobile workforce, it’s the responsibility of the employee to track safety conditions at all times, including the status of driver and vehicle. A GPS fleet management solution lets you locate a vehicle to within four metres. This means your organisation can track drivers and their vehicles wherever they go, even with poor network coverage and mobile phones become unreliable.

Speed of response in an emergency situation, can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Advanced GPS fleet management solutions monitor G-force and sends an automated signal back to base if the driver cannot make contact. This enables fleet managers to alert emergency services immediately if an accident has been detected.

Fleet managers must also ensure vehicles are well maintained and fit for purpose. This obligation extends to plant and equipment stored in vehicles. Fleet tracking technology can be used to set up automatic alerts when vehicles or equipment are due for maintenance or replacement based on dates, performance or the amount of engine hours clocked up. Online service records can be used to track costs by fleet, group or individual.

Drivers in the freight, construction or mining industries can travel over long distances, across the country for days on a single job. Fleet managers need to ensure drivers get enough rest to prevent fatigue setting in. Fleet tracking technology can monitor the entire workday for an individual driver including time spent driving and distances travelled.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be gained by managing your fleet with GPS vehicle tracking.

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