Mitel Connected Guests

Mitel Systems designed to empower your employees and delight your guests with technology that is transforming the hospitality industry

Enjoy flexible, scalable, secure communications, optimised to meet the needs of the hospitality industry.

Choose from Mitel communications on-property, in a private or public cloud or as a hybrid system.

Mitel Hospitality Specialists

Azentro is a Mitel Hospitality Specialist Solution Provider with over 25 years experience of supplying, installing and supporting Mitel solutions.

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. Mitel customers enjoy flexible, scalable, secure communications, optimised to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, from small economy hotels through to some of the world’s most famous luxury hotels.

The hospitality industry is under increasing pressure to do more with less. Improvements in guest service and reduction in cost can only be achieved by increasing efficiency.

By focusing on the hospitality industry for over 30 years Mitel has been able to assist hotels by delivering:

  • An integrated communications platform developed in line with hospitality industry requirements
  • Open systems that allow hoteliers to protect their investment in traditional telephony whilst benefitting from new IP devices and applications
  • Improved back office communications focused on increasing staff efficiency and raising guest service
  • Devices and applications that enable hotels to differentiate and extend conference facilities

Customer Service

When hosting guests, little things matter-like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring timely service. With Mitel technology, it’s easy to do all this and much more.

Operational efficiency

Reduce training time with intuitive interfaces. Untether staff with mobile working. Manage service requests with purpose-built applications. And manage operations with rich business analytics.

Deployment Options

Hoteliers who choose Mitel get unrivalled freedom to deploy communications on-property, in a private or public cloud, or as a hybrid system. They can also blend analogue, digital and IP technology.

Looking for advice and support about Mitel’s Hospitality Communication Solutions?

Get sound advice from Azentro, a communications specialist with over 25 year’s experience of working with Mitel

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Guest Experience of the Future

Hotels are becoming hubs of activity – and guests are increasingly judging hospitality businesses on how well they keep guests connected.

Features like automated check in and smartphone integration are only the tip of the iceberg. How can you transform the guest experience with a truly connected hotel?


Watch to find out.

MiVoice for Hospitality

Azentro can help you choose from a range of secure, reliable communications platforms built to suit the needs of all hotels-from small to large, and from economy to luxury. You can deploy MiVoice on property, in a private cloud or a in a public cloud as a service.

MiContact Centre for Hospitality

The way customers interact with hotels has transformed. Customers are booking online, checking in at kiosks, ordering services on their mobiles and sharing their experiences via social media. With MiContact Centre, hoteliers can make it easy and convenient to interact with customers on their media of choice.

MiCloud Hospitality

Reduce on-property complexity, simplify support and eliminate costly upgrades. Get the cutting-edge hospitality capabilities you want delivered as a service from the cloud for one monthly subscription price.

Empower your employees and delight your guests with technology that transforms the experience for both.