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Move your ISDN services to SIP

Why is it important for you to migrate your services to SIP sooner than later.

ISDN is fast becoming a technology of the past. As the NBN comes to your area and also as carriers move off copper based services you will need to ensure you move your current ISDN services to SIP.

Azentro can assist you in the smooth migration to port your existing ISDN services to the new voice platform (SIP)


What I need to do?

  • If you have an ISDN connection we will assist you in transitioning your services to SIP.
  • By being proactive now you will avoid the delay in getting onto the new voice platform.
  • By working with Azentro, you can be assured that the transition will be smooth and as many of our clients have discovered, benefit from feature rich voice services at a discounted price point.

The top 4 benefits of moving to SIP

1. Scalability

SIP is deployed across a business’s incoming data service. Meaning that provided the bandwidth exists to handle the traffic, channels can be dynamically added or subtracted as they are required.

2. Portability

SIP based service numbers are software based, which has the benefit of helping to lower the cost of the service. However, the main benefit is derived from the fact that the phone numbers are not tied to physical locations. This means that calls to SIP numbers can be diverted incredibly easily to other locations and provide a higher level of business continuity.

3. Quality

Because SIP can be delivered across high bandwidth connections (such as Fibre, EFM and EoC) higher levels of vocal quality can be delivered from end to end. This means that customers can make and receive HD quality voice calls, assuming of course their hand sets are compatible.

4. Price

The bottom line is what it often comes down to for businesses, and for the reasons outlined above SIP almost always wins out over ISDN. With a SIP deployment the call remains within the business’s network and is therefore able to avoid the charges for call handoffs by their telecommunications provider.

Be Proactive NOW !

Ensure your services are not lost

Azentro will help businesses move from ISDN to SIP with a smooth transition and cost savings.

Let us help you

There are several options to migrate your services to SIP which will depend on your location, your current telecommunications provider and the suppliers of your current information technology and telephonic equipment

Consider the following questions:

Do you know which equipment is using your phone lines to operate?
You will be surprised just how many services rely on existing telephone lines, such as fire alarms, medical alarms and security services

Do you know which devices are likely to experience compatibility issues?
For those services which require an upgrade, what is your strategy? We can help you assess if you need to replace your existing equipment or if you can use other solutions such as wireless.

For each of your facilities, do you know when the SIP rollout and subsequent migration needs to occur?
SIP will likely reach your sites at different times and different aspects of the migration need to take place in sequence. By drawing upon our deep telecommunications and technology integration experience, we are in a unique position to offer expert advice on the transition of your existing service to SIP.


Our team of experts can provide:

Detailed information on the SIP including an assessment of which of your sites need to migrate

An on-site audit and documentation of your current services

A risk assessment to identify which services need to be upgraded or modified in order to operate on SIP. We will also document migration strategies for each of your services.

Upgrade recommendations to ensure that the new equipment and systems are SIP ready

make sure you act now!